Apply For Amateur Reinstatement Online February 14, 2015

Apply For Amateur Reinstatement Online

By Travis Lesser, USGA

Far Hills, N.J. - Over the past 20 years technology not only has brought us exponentially closer to one another, it also gives us the ability to send and process information with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

It wasn’t that long ago that golf professionals wishing to apply for amateur status reinstatement faced a daunting task of filling out paperwork.  The professional was obligated to complete two cumbersome application forms, send them to his state or regional golf association, before relying on a parcel service to deliver the information in a timely fashion.  Depending on that person’s residence within the USGA’s jurisdiction, this process could take several months to complete. 

Early in 2008, the USGA launched the Online Application for Reinstatement of Amateur Status.  Since then, the USGA Amateur Status Department, with the help of state and regional golf associations, has processed approximately 1,500 applications for reinstatement online.  The online application has given the USGA the ability to turn around applications quicker and more efficiently while giving more players the opportunity to resume their amateur careers sooner. 

Additionally, having the ability to process this information electronically allows the USGA to help the environment by drastically cutting back the use of paper.

For more information on the Rules of Amateur Status, or to apply for reinstatement of your amateur status, visit the

Travis Lesser is an associate in the Rules of Golf Department. E-mail him with questions or comments at