Argentine Golf Association Prepares For Success, With Success February 14, 2015

Argentine Golf Association Prepares For Success, With Success

By Pete Kowalski, USGA

Buenos Aires, Argentina (Jan. 9) – There is an axiomatic quote from American politician/inventor/philosopher Benjamin Franklin that relates directly to the upcoming World Amateur Team Championships at Buenos Aires Golf Club and Olivos Golf Club, sites of the 2010 Copa de las Americas completion concluding today.

Franklin said: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

If Dr. Franklin was correct, he made a definite impact on the Argentine Golf Association because the small group of dedicated professionals has paved a way for success. The fourth edition of the Copa de las Americas was well received by competitors and international delegations.

“It was fantastic,” said Canadian captain Doug Roxburgh, who played in seven World Amateurs and captained five others. “It was incredibly run. “

In addition to his perspective as a participant, Roxburgh brings the viewpoint of a host as his club was one of the two used at the 1992 WATC in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada.

“The challenge of two venues was handled well,” he said. “It was a really good trial run for the World Am. I think it will be a great World Am. Anything we needed or wanted they just did it. They are very accommodating. I think it will be a fantastic two weeks in October.

With just 54 competitors, the ”Copa” is not the same scale as the WATC, which bring as many as 300-plus competitors from as many as 75 countries to contest for the Espirito Santo Trophy (women’s competition) and the Eisenhower Trophy (men’s competition).

However, the intent and actual implementation of all the logistics (housing, transportation, food, golf, tourism) is the same blueprint. For that, the Argentine Golf Association should receive high marks.

Some of the evidence of the planning by the Argentine Golf Association that was in place included transportation from a downtown hotel to each of the two courses, which were approximately 60 minutes from the city, transportation to and from airports on arrival and departure and evening city tours. The small but very efficient association also offered two social events: an opening dinner and ceremony followed by a ‘Camaraderie Barbeque’ at their public golf facility, featuring traditional Argentine asados, which are meats (beef, pork, ribs, chicken and goat) cooked slowly over an open fire pit. An impromptu singing performance by Venezuela’s Daniel Ortega and a slide show accompanied by music were applauded by the guests.

Pete Kowalski is a manager of championship communications for the USGA. E-mail him with questions or comments at