SERVING THE GAME February 14, 2015

b_juniorgolfnew625 is a junior-oriented Web site that connects kids, parents, and program directors with events and opportunities in the golf community.  The site is managed by the USGA on behalf of the World Golf Foundation’s Golf 20/20 initiative that strives to ensure the future vitality of the game of golf.  The site was developed in 2001 in with the understanding that an early introduction to the game, particularly through a structured program, leads to a greater likelihood of continued participation in adulthood. 

In collaboration with a broad spectrum of golf organizations, provides pertinent information to young people at any stage of their development as junior golfers.  The cornerstone of the site is a searchable database of junior golf opportunities that helps juniors and their parents find golf experiences that best meet their needs.

Visit, the ultimate junior golf Web site.