Transcript Of GB&I Day 1 Press Conference June 10, 2010 By USGA

RHONDA GLENN:  Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to welcome the captain of the Great Britain and Irish team, Mary McKenna, along with the players, Lisa Maguire and Pamela Pretswell, both of whom won today.  Mary, how do you like the position you're in leading by one point?

            CAPTAIN McKENNA:  Very well, I have to say.  Absolutely super.  The foursomes this morning were fabulous.  I think coming away with the three half-points was great.  It just gave us the confidence that we knew we were capable of doing, but it actually proved it to ourselves, and I think the girls went out in the afternoon with that extra little bit of confidence and knowing that they're on a high, so yeah, I'm very happy with them.  They were tremendous.

            RHONDA GLENN:  All right.  Lisa, you just made a very significant putt, about two‑and‑a‑half feet, would you say, maybe three feet?

            LISA MAGUIRE:  Yeah.  I'd say about two‑and‑a‑half feet, three feet, all right.  It was good to make it at the end, good finish and to end the day one point ahead, so great job for myself.

            RHONDA GLENN:  That putt, as you know, captured the final point of the day for the GB&I team, and you said that your partner had been making a number of putts through the day.

            LISA MAGUIRE:  It was a lot of good birdies throughout the round, and I chipped in on 8 as well for birdie and we just so many birdies throughout the round.  We really clicked together, so it's good to capture the point in the end.  It was a really tough battle.  And Jessica and Tiffany played really well out there, and it's just nice to bring it home in the end.

            RHONDA GLENN:  And Pamela, your team won 4 and 3 against two American players who have won three American national championships.  That was quite a resounding victory for your team.

            PAMELA PRETSWELL:  Yes.  We played steady all day. Obviously Danielle got off to a really good start.  Kimberly and Jennifer played steady all day so it was very important making birdies.

            RHONDA GLENN:  All right.  We'll open it to questions.


            Q.  How important was it to get those first two birdies?  Did you get a lot of confidence after that?

            PAMELA PRETSWELL:  Yeah.  I got a little bit nervous at the start.  But just started enjoying it a little bit.  It was important to get a good start, and we just kept going and kept working at it.

            RHONDA GLENN:  All right.


            Q.  How important was that last match going your way?  In the morning you had a little bit more on your side, then it turned out to be split, then it looked like it might be the same way ‑‑

            CAPTAIN McKENNA:  I think the morning match we stole it in the morning the first match, and then the last match we stole it back.  So that was actually fair news.

            Going out level with the matches the morning gave us a little confidence, and I think Danielle leading the squad they were 3 or 4 definitely had underlined.  And needless to say, Lisa's putt on 18 just gives us the extra little bit of confidence.

            It's only day one.  We forget about that now.  We start tomorrow with clean sheets and we go for three points in the morning.


            Q.  Do you believe this might be a good omen at all the last time GB&I led in one?  (Indiscernible)

            MARY McKENNA:  No.  This is a different year and different day.  Everything we take one day at a time, one match at a time, and if it goes our way, great.  We can control what we can control.  We can't control what the Americans do.  So yes, could be a good omen, whatever.

            Regardless, we love the course, played the course very well.  So, so far, so good.


            Q.  (Indiscernible).

            MARY McKENNA:  Well, I think they proved to themselves that they actually could do it, and we do say that, yes, we can and we are as good as them, but you actually have to stand up to the plate and do it, and they did that today.

            So I mean it's not about me.  They played as a team.  The girls who played were brilliant, and the girls who didn't play played just as big a part being around and supporting the others, and that's what it's all about.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Questions?  All right.  Thank you very much.  Go get some much‑needed rest.