USA Day 1 Press Conference Transcript June 10, 2010 By USGA

RHONDA GLENN:  Ladies and gentlemen, Noreen is the USA captain.  She has with her players, Jessica Korda, who just lost a heart‑breaker on the 18th hole, 1 up, and Jennifer Johnson, who won her match, and the margin on that one was 3 and 2.  So we're happy you're here.  It was a close encounter.  Noreen, what do you think of your position today?

            NOREEN MOHLER:  Well, it's a close encounter, like you said, Rhonda.  There was a lot of great golf out there today.  I mean good shots, good putts.

            Hitting it close to the pin, I was really impressed with the golf today.

            RHONDA GLENN:  And what will you try to tell your team going into tomorrow trailing by one point?

            NOREEN MOHLER:  Oh, there's lots of golf left, lots of golf left.  And that's what I'll tell my team, and I'll try to keep it light and just do what we've been doing and have fun together.

            And they know how to play the golf course.  They know how to play golf.  I don't have to tell them how to do that.  I think they ‑‑ you know, it was a long day, and I think everybody's tired, so we need to get home and get some rest.

            We have an earlier tee time tomorrow morning.  I noticed it's 8:30 instead of 9:00.  But it's important to pace yourself.  There's a lot of golf left, but we're fine in the position that we're in.

            RHONDA GLENN:  And Jennifer, that was a good win for you today.  When did you feel that you had it in the bag?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  I would have to say ‑‑ we were all square coming off of nine and kind of felt like we had a fresh start, and I would say when we got to about 2 up on I think it was 14, and we kind of had the momentum going, and I was feeling pretty good.

            RHONDA GLENN:  So you felt like maybe then you might be able to pull it out?

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  Yes.

            RHONDA GLENN:  All right.  Thank you.  And Jessica, you had a very tough battle today, both of them ending on the 18th green.  How do you feel about what happened this afternoon?

            JESSICA KORDA:  I think we all played some really great golf out there.  It was just who made more putts.  That's what it came down to at the end.

            RHONDA GLENN:  All right.  Questions?


            Q.  (Indiscernible).  Anything you guys said to yourself or get any advice making the turn?

            JESSICA KORDA:  In the afternoon?


            Q.  (Indiscernible).  Yeah, in the afternoon.

            JESSICA KORDA:  Well, I mean we just need to, you know, not really think about that and just play our game and let it come, you know, and I think we did a good job of that at the end.


            Q.  Noreen, did you say anything to them kind of early on?

            NOREEN MOHLER:  Well, get 'er done has been kind of our motto, but I think with Alexis and Jennifer, I don't know, on the 10th hole I said to them, are you ready to take a hold of this match now and make it yours, and I think that was probably a turning point after they got it back after nine.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Any other questions?  All right.  The other team said they were going to get dinner right away.  So we wish you well tomorrow.