USA Saturday Press Conference Transcript June 11, 2010 By USGA

RHONDA GLENN:  Ladies and gentlemen, we're happy to welcome Noreen Mohler, the American captain, Tiffany Lua, and Jennifer Johnson, who did so well winning their match against the players that you just saw, Sally Watson and Rachel Jennings, in that match 3 & 2.  Noreen, you must feel pretty optimistic at this point in the match.

            NOREEN MOHLER:  Yes.  I'm delighted with the play today.  I mean, how could I not be?  Everything went our way, and the matches were close and tight, but we were making putts today, and I think that's what it came down to.

            RHONDA GLENN:  What did you tell your team going into the afternoon?

            NOREEN MOHLER:  Going into the afternoon.  Actually, a lot of people asked me what did I say to them last night to make them play so well this morning, and I said absolutely nothing.

            We went home last night, and we were so tired and hungry that we had dinner and went to bed and that was it.  I mean these girls know what it takes to play the golf that they do, and they motivate themselves.  They don't really need me to do that for them.  I just make sure that they're fed, basically.

            RHONDA GLENN:  And what about between the four‑ball and the foursomes today?

            NOREEN MOHLER:  Yeah.  There really wasn't that much time to talk.  We come in, and the last match ended at 1:30; and I had to have the lineup in by 1:45, and then we had to eat, and the first match was 2:15.  So we didn't have a lot of time to talk as a team.  But I took each match aside and kept saying all day long we just kept saying the greens are our friends today.  I really felt that the girls were going to start making putts today, and they did.  I think we were a little tentative on the greens yesterday.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Tiffany, let me ask you about the match this afternoon.  You and Jennifer won the last three holes.  What sort of effort were you putting into it?  What were you saying to each other?

            TIFFANY LUA:  Well, when we got back down to all square, we kind of just talked to each other and said, let's refocus, and let's go back fighting strong.  And started with the par save on I think 14.  That was big key.

            And even though we missed the fairway on the next hole, we were able to convert a good par.  And stick it pretty close to put pressure on the Great Britain & Ireland team, and all we just tried to do was play our own shots, play our own golf and try to put as much pressure as we could on them.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Jennifer, from your perspective, tell me about those last three holes.

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  Yeah, I kind of felt like when we got back to all square, it was almost starting another match and we just had to refocus, and I think we did pretty good.  We put some good pressure on them, and it went our way.

            RHONDA GLENN:  And Jennifer, what are you going to try to do tomorrow?  Singles is something you're more accustomed to playing.

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  I'm definitely going to just stick to my own game plan and not really think about the opponent too much, but I mean we kind of have to see what they do.  It's match play, but I have to kind of focus on myself.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Questions?


            Q.  Do any of you all think that we picked up six points?  Do you let yourself think about that?

            NOREEN MOHLER:  I don't think I gave it a thought, no.  You really take each segment at a time, so you don't really come into the day thinking, oh, to win six points, but you come into the morning saying, okay, I'd like to win three this morning and then after that would like to win three in the afternoon, but three and three does add up to six, but you don't arrive in the morning thinking six.

            But it was just ‑‑ and I need to stress, too, that they were close matches.  There were no runaway matches, and we are just thrilled to come on the correct side of those matches.

            A lot of good golf today, a lot of holes were halved with birdies, and I'm sure Mary mentioned the same thing.  It was just who was making the putts.  A lot of pressure putts where someone made a birdie and then someone made another birdie right on top of it.  I think the spectators got their money's worth today.


            Q.  What do you have to do to guard against perhaps being too optimistic tomorrow?

            NOREEN MOHLER:  These girls are so seasoned with their golf competition, and they know not to be over confident, and like Jennifer said, you just take one hole at a time, one match at a time and go from there.


            Q.  Even though you are from different places around the country and play for different schools, do you feel like the team has come together? Do you feel like a team?

            TIFFANY LUA:  Absolutely.  You know, even though we played for different colleges and we're different ages, we've all played junior golf together for the most part, so I feel like that helped a lot.  And usually after tournaments we'll eat together during those times.  And even during the practice session here a few weeks ago, we had a huge time to bond, and a lot of laughs, a lot of stories shared, so I feel like that brought us even closer than what we already were.  So we all get along really well, and it's just fun.  Makes everything a lot better.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Questions?  Who drove the ball best today?

            TIFFANY LUA:  I mean we had a few bumps in the road and we took turns, but I think for Jennifer and I today we did a really good job of having each other's back.  Every time I got in trouble she made a putt and vice versa, and I think we were just really comfortable and we trust each other, and that was really important.

            JENNIFER JOHNSON:  I mean we both made the putts when we needed to.

            RHONDA GLENN:  Questions?  All right, thanks for being with us.  You were terrific.  Good luck tomorrow, and enjoy your little rest.