179 Golfers From 39 States Set To Participate In 2010 Event July 12, 2010 By PGA of America

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.Next week, a roster of 179 golfers from 39 states will compete at the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games in Lincoln, Neb., July 18-23.  Golf is one of 13 competitive sports at the USA National Games where nearly 3,000 Special Olympics athletes from across the United States will compete in the largest multi-sport event in the history of Nebraska and one of the largest multi-sport events in the United States during 2010.

Special Olympics golf is part of the worldwide Special Olympics sports movement for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Special Olympics golfers and Unified partners (for team play), ranging in age from 13- to 73-years old, will compete in one of five levels of competition at the Mahoney Golf Course and Highlands Golf Course in Lincoln. 

Olympic-style Opening Ceremonies will be held July 18 at the Bob Devaney Sports Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Three competitive golf rounds will be played July 19-21 with awards ceremonies for the golf competition taking place immediately following the final round on July 21. 

Special Olympics golf offers five levels of competition for athletes of all abilities.  Level I is an individual skills contest, where six golf skills are tested. Level II is alternate shot team play, where a Special Olympics athlete is paired with a non-Special Olympics partner of more advanced skill for a 9-hole competition. Level III is Unified Sports team play, pairing Special Olympics and Unified partners of similar ability for an 18-hole competition. Levels IV and V are individual stroke-play 9-hole and 18-hole competitions, respectively. Competition for Levels I, III & V will take place at Highlands Golf Course, while Level II & IV competitors will play at Mahoney Golf Course.

Having supported the growth of and development of Special Olympics Golf since it began in 1988, The PGA of America and USGA are providing assistance at the USA National Games with rules officials, tournament administration, and course setup, in addition to financial contributions. 

Additionally, The PGA of America and the Nebraska PGA Section will host a Play Golf America Experience – a complimentary clinic for all Special Olympics athletes and spectators featuring PGA Professional expert instruction – on Monday, July 19, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m., at the Special Olympics Sports Experience within Special Olympics Town at the Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln.  Just prior to the clinic on July 19, PGA of America Honorary President Brian Whitcomb will present a formal PGA of America proclamation of support to Special Olympics North America at 4:00 p.m. on the Fan Fest stage of Special Olympics Town.

Nebraska Section PGA Professionals will volunteer throughout practice and competitive rounds.  During the July 18 practice round, Nebraska Section PGA Professionals will volunteer with final preparations and instruction advice for golfers and, during the three-round golf competition, nearly 30 Nebraska PGA Professionals will volunteer their time as rules officials and tournament operators.

Further, on July 22 representatives from the Nebraska Golf Association will be conducting a seminar for Special Olympics coaches and organizers on the USGA Handicap SystemTM and how Special Olympians can benefit from obtaining an official handicap.  The USGA, through a grant to Special Olympics North America, has made funds available to help ensure that Special Olympics athletes can obtain golf handicaps at no cost to them.

Special Olympics 2010 USA National Games – Golf Player Roster

Ann Finlen, Age 44, Level 2, Auburn, Ala.
Adam Irvin, Age 21, Level 1, Dothan, Ala.
Anthony Cox, Age 23, Level 1, Irvington, Ala.
Scott Dow, Age 17, Level 2, Madison, Ala. 
Brett Butler, Age 21, Level 1, Mobile, Ala.
Jane Cameron, Age 38, Level 1, Montgomery, Ala.
Larry Jernigan, Age 22, Level 1, Saraland, Ala.
*Stephen Finlen, Age 52, Level 2, Easley, S.C.
*Jay Emerson, Age 53, Level 2, Huntsville, Ala.

Joseph Pratt, Age 28, Level 3, Wasilla, Alaska
*Rob Enderson, Age 31, Level 3, Wasilla, Alaska

Kirsti Ali Teale, Age 21, Level 1, Greenwood, Ark.
Mark Munholland, Age 50, Level 4, North Little Rock, Ark.
*David Van Bebber, Age 54, Level 2, Ark.
Thomas W. Van Bebber, Age 20, Level 2, Ark.

California (Southern)
Arturo Cano, Age 31, Level 4, Newhall, Calif.

Shawn Reilly, Age 19, Level 1, Milford, Conn.
Wesley Williams, Age 38, Level 4, Mystic, Conn.
David Dennin, Age 34, Level 5, Trumbull, Conn.
Michael Hedrick, Age 25, Level 5, Trumbull, Conn. 
Melissa Bailey, Age 29, Level 1, Unionville, Conn. 
Debra Gozzo, Age 47, Level 1, W. Hartford, Conn. 
Kenneth Martin Richter, Age 44, Level 1, W. Hartford, Conn. 
Joel Kelleher, Age 22, Level 4, Willimantic, Conn.

Kyle Muzina, Age 27, Level 5, Homasassa, Fla.
Patrick Gardner, Age 16, Level 1, Jupiter, Fla.
Brad C. Davis, Age 30, Level 2, Lantana, Fla.
Linda Scott, Age 61, Level 1, Naples, Fla.
Donald Singleton, Age 41, Level 3, Orlando, Fla.
Lori L. Thomas, Age 34, Level 2, Orlando, Fla.
David Bornemann, Age 17, Level 3, Viera, Fla.
*Cindy R. Dropeski, Age 50, Level 3, Melbourne, Fla.
*Tonya J. Snodgrass, Age 50, Level 3, Melbourne, Fla.
*Stephen Jerome Thomas, Age 62, Level 2, Orlando, Fla.
*Ronald George, Age 69, Level 2, Greenacres, Fla.

Adina Marie Watkins, Age 25, Level 4, Idaho
Ryan H. Ransom, Age 24, Level 4, Idaho
Trevor Anthony Kirsebom, Age 21, Level 4, Idaho

Sean Joseph Hurley, Age 38, Level 4, Chicago, Ill. 
Katelyn Marie Sicinski, Age 24, Level 4, New Lenox, Ill. 
Christopher Rinaldi, Age 30, Level 3, Roselle, Ill.
*Roy Rinaldi, Age 66, Level 3, Elgin, Ill.

Andrea M. Boling, Age 34, Level 4, Boonville, Ind. 
*Michael Shames-Yeakel, Age 58, Level 3, Crown Point, Ind. 
Bobby R. Hilbert, Age 52, Level 4, Jeffersonville, Ind.
Jason Evans, Age 40, Level 3, Jeffersonville, Ind.
Robert Church, age 40, Level 3, Schererville, Ind. 
*Mike Burke, Age 26, Level 3, Ind.

Matt McHugh, Age 37, Level 4, Davenport, Iowa
Paul Pritts, Age 27, Level 4, Estherville, Iowa

Casey Leatherwood, Age 34, Level 4, Cimarron, Kan.
Ezekiel Minden, Age 24, Level 4, Olathe, Kan.
Blake Docking, Age 27, Level 4, Shawnee Mission, Kan.
Patrick Brown, Age 22, Level 4, Shawnee Mission, Kan.

Christy Nicole Farwell, Age 24, Level 5, Alexandria, Ky.
Jeremy Thompson, Age 21, Level 2, Lexington, Ky. 
*Kevin M. Parnell, Age 41, Level 2, Centerville, Ohio

Josh Parks, Age 17, Level 3, Benton, La. 
Marguerite Miller, Age 55, Level 4, Pineville, La.
Joel Murray, Age 29, Level 5, West Monroe, La.
*Billy Parks, Age 53, Level 3, La.

Travis Curtis, Age 21, Level 5, Carmel, Maine
Matthew Rausch, Age 22, Level 4, Ellsworth, Maine
Trent Paradis, Age 23, Level 2, Lewiston, Maine
*Duane Hall, Age 43, Level 2, Brewer, Maine

Michael Ciociolo, Age 24, Level 2, Holden, Mass. 
Scott C. Merrill, Age 50, Level 4, Minot, Mass.
Tyler Lagasse, Age 23, Level 5, Tyngsboro, Mass. 
Jeffrey Bramley, Age 66, Level 3, Westborough, Mass. 
*James Ciociolo, Age 25, Level 2, Holden, Mass.
*George Kent, Age 56, Level 3, Hopkinton, Mass.

John Muisenga, Age 22, Level 3, Midland, Mich. 
Daniel Ristich, Age 30, Level 3, Waterford, Mich.
*Nick Ristich, Age 56, Level 3, Waterford, Mich.
*John Muisenga, Age 46, Level 3, Midland, Mich.

Matthew Copler, Age 21, Level 4, Byron, Minn. 
Michael Briddell, Age 48, Level 1, Duluth, Minn.
Kari Larson, Age 27, Level 1, Eden Prairie, Minn.
Aimee Anwiler, Age 25, Level 4, Grand Rapids, Minn.
Michael C. Lawrence, Age 30, Level 4, Maplewood, Minn.
Katie Timmer, Age 35, Level 4, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Michael J. Madden, Age 43, Level 4, New Brighton, Minn.
Desiree Greene, Age 36, Level 4, Oakdale, Minn.

Shirlene Treadwell, Age 41, Level 2, Columbia, Mo. 
Keith Lueckenhoff, Age 36, Level 2, Jefferson City, Mo. 
Andrew Martinez, Age 26, Level 2, Kansas City, Mo. 
Carolyn Strode, Age 34, Level 1, Kansas City, Mo. 
Richard Joseph Scott, Age 28, Level 2, Lees Summit, Mo. 
Jason Wright, Age 37, Level 5, Ozark, Mo. 
*Ken Neff, Age 51, Level 2, Columbia, Mo.
*Peggy Llewellyn, Age 54, Level 2, Columbia, Mo. 
*Gary Wilbers, Age 42, Level 2, Jefferson City, Mo.
*Michael Martinez, Age 54, Level 2, Kansas City, Mo.

Stacey Johnston, Age 43, Level 5, Chester, Mont.
Allen Gotcher, Age 17, Level 4, Eureka, Mont.
John Espinoza, Age 33, Level 4, Eureka, Mont.
Jessie Gratz, Age 27, Level 4, Great Falls, Mont.

Erin E. Morgan,  Age 38, Level 2, Bellevue, Neb.
David J. Steffan, Age 25, Level 5, Elkhorn, Neb. 
Michael Thome, Age 26, Level 2, Papillion, Neb. 
Marty Haugen, Age 32, Level 2, South Sioux City, Neb.
*Sandra M. Morgan, Age 63, Level 2, Bellevue, Neb.
*Duane N. Thome, Age 63, Level 2, Papillion, Neb. 
*Guillermo "Willy" Solis, Age 53, Level 2, Sioux City, Iowa

New Hampshire

Cathy Woodbury, Age 43, Level 3, Berlin, N.H. 
Lauren Gaudette, Age 22, Level 3, Nashua, N.H. 
*John Chesnulevich, Age 55, Level 3, N.H.
*Norm Small, Age 58, Level 3, Berlin, N.H.

New Jersey
Christopher Harold,  Age 17, Level 2, Freehold, N.J.
*Raymond Harold, Age 48, Level 2, Freehold, N.J. 
Tom Azilides, Age 28, Level 4, Northvale, N.J.

New Mexico
Chase Turri, Age 22, Level 4, Alamogordo, N.M. 
Ryan A. Sinatra,  Age 35, Level 4, Albuquerque, N.M.

North Carolina
Bobby Darrel Vance, Age 35, Level 2, Burlington, N.C. 
Alana Willis, Age 33, Level 1, Pinehurst, N.C. 
Kelley Ann Burrows, Age 27, Level 1, Raleigh, N.C. 
*Doug Bayliff, Age 73, Level 2, N.C.                              

Andrew Gibson, Age 23, Level 4, Warren, Ohio
Eric Safarz, Age 38, Level 5, Medina, Ohio 
Michael Porte, Age 31, Level 4, Belleville, Ohio
Tara Nelson, Age 28, Level 3, Hilliard, Ohio
*Jen Edgin, Level 3, Hilliard, Ohio

Jeffrey McDonald, Age 31, Level 5, Okla.
Joe Pankonin, Age 27, Level 2, Okla.
Kevin Maples, Age 51, Level 5, Okla.                              
*George Pankonin, Age 58, Level 2, Okla.

Rhode Island
Christopher Lussier, Age 18, Level 2, Cranston, R.I.
William K. Guy, Age 26, Level 1, Greene, R.I.
Kathleen Bamford, Age 52, Level 1, Sorth Kingstown, R.I.
*Alan P. Lussier, Age 52, Level 2, North Smithfield, R.I.

South Carolina
Thomas Jeff Riley, Age 39, Level 3, Beaufort, S.C.
Pearlie Frasier,  Age 40, Level 1, Georgetown, S.C.
Christopher McPherson, Age 13, Level 1, Hilton Head, S.C.
James McKenney, Age 18, Level 2, Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Scott Rohrer, Age 21, Level 5, York, S.C.
*Bob O’Connor, Age 59, Level 2, Murrells Inlet, S.C.
*John MacFarland, Age 70, Level 3, St. Helena Island, S.C.

Ben Cavin, Age 22, Level 2, Brighton, Tenn.
Ryan Luck, Age 28, Level 5, Collierville, Tenn.
Keith Kee, Age 34, Level 4, Eads, Tenn.
Shaun Lister, Age 29, Level 2, Greeneville, Tenn.
Andrew Williams, Age 20, Level 5, Hixon, Tenn.
Amy Frazier, Age 48, Level 2, Huntington, W.V.
Clint Blalock, Age 19, Level 3, Lebanon, Tenn.
*Eddy Blalock, Age 45, Level 3, Lebanon, Tenn.
James Ferguson, Age 29, Level 5, Lewisburg, Tenn.
Cody Willis, Age 16, Level 4, Munford, Tenn.
*Joe Willis, Age 50, Level 2, Munford, Tenn.
*Shannon Adams, Age 44, Level 2, Senatobia, Miss.
*Rod Mills, Age 53, Level 2, Whitesburg, Tenn.

Blaine A. Hardin, Age 24, Level 3, McKinney, Texas
*Dean Morris, Age 63, Level 3, McKinney, Texas
Erika Johnson, Age 23, Level 2, Murphy, Texas
Blair Claghorn, Age 32, Level 5, Woodlands, Texas
Buddy Randall, Age 32, Level 4, Wylie, Texas 
Cole Wells, Age 19, Level 1, Wylie, Texas
Elizabeth Crook, Age 20, Level 1, Houston, Texas
Mitchell Andre, Age 18, Level 4, Round Rock, Texas
Stacy Brown, Age 28, Level 2, Spring, Texas
*Wayne Wilbanks, Age 58, Level 2, Sachse, Texas
*Billy Brown, Age 64, Level 2, Spring, Texas

Shelley Mooney, Age 25, Level 4, Bountiful, Utah
Tim Holt, Age 39, Level 1, St George, Utah
Robert Pugsley, Age 62, Level 4, St. George, Utah

Laurie Ann Kehoe, Age 21, Level 1, Arlington, Va. 
Grace Anne Braxton, Age 38, Level 5, Fredericksburg, Va. 
David Curtin, Age 23, Level 5, Springfield, Va.
*George Fischer, Age 59, Level 2, Suffolk, Va. 
*Jada Goodson, Age 15, Level 1, Virginia Beach, Va. 
*Harris Fischer, Age 17, Level 2, Suffolk, Va.

Joel Barber, Age 32, Level 5, Edmonds, Wash.
Kari Claussen, Age 41, Level 4, Edmonds, Wash.

West Virginia
Michael Stanley, Age 29, Level 1, Southside, W.V.

Ricky Goetzinger, Age 48, Level 4, Caledonia, Minn.
David Owen Mahan, Age 49, Level 4, Jefferson, Wis. 
Terry Schill,  Age 32, Level 2, Sheboygan, Wis. 
*Bill Wagner, Level 2, Nekoosa, Wis. 

David Hansen, Age 34, Level 2, Thermopolis, Wyo.
*Frank Toth, Age 56, Level 2, Thermopolis, Wyo.

*Unified Partner Playing with Special Olympics Athlete