Interview With Champion Doris Chen July 23, 2010 By USGA

BETH MURRISON: We are very happy to have with us the 2010 U.S. Girls' Junior champion, Doris Chen. Can you talk a little bit about your feelings about winning the championship.

DORIS CHEN: I feel great. I learned a lot. This afternoon I really played in a different way than before. In the first round I was very serious. In the second round I was very relaxed.

Q.    Did you say something to yourself between the first and second rounds to change your approach?

DORIS CHEN: No. Second round, I was just like, I don't care anymore, I'm just going to enjoy and just play. I don't really care about win or lose.

Q.  Did you feel like you were putting a lot of pressure on yourself in the morning?

DORIS CHEN: Yeah, I think so. I think I pushed myself too hard this morning.

Q. How did you deal with the heat today? It was very hot today. 

DORIS CHEN: Yeah, yeah. I just stole my mom's umbrella.

Q. Between the two rounds?

DORIS CHEN: Yeah. After the first round.

Q. You stole it?

DORIS CHEN: I just take it (laughter). I said, Mom, you can just walk under the trees (laughter).

Q. You had a pretty good lead this morning. You were two up after the first five. Did you have a good feeling after that?

DORIS CHEN: Yeah, I thought I'm going to have 4 up after the first round. But it turns out it was 1 down.

Q. She's a pretty long hitter. She was driving it quite a bit by you. How did that make you feel? Like you had to push a little bit?

DORIS CHEN: No, I am used to it. I am shorter than other people.

Q. What's your average drive off the tee?

DORIS CHEN: I think 220.

Q. How do you make up for that lack of length?  

DORIS CHEN: I just hit accurate and good short game. Hit it straight.

Q. That was why you really pulled away down the stretch?  Did you feel it was the short game?

DORIS CHEN: Yeah, my putting worked really good the last five holes.

Q. Probably the biggest putt was the one on No. 7 this morning. Had to be about 40 feet.

DORIS CHEN: Oh, yeah, yeah. It was very lucky.

Q. Were you surprised that it went in?

DORIS CHEN: Yeah, kind of, because I made the similar one on the practice green. Yeah, similar lie, same distance. I kind of had a feel for that.

Q. You came so close and played so well last year. You came back determined this year, weren't you?

DORIS CHEN: Yeah, I was. 

Q. Were you thinking this is the final match of a USGA championship? What did you think when that really set in?

DORIS CHEN: I really want to win, but this afternoon, I’m just like, whatever.

Q. What would you say was the point at which you felt the momentum was really with you and you thought you could really win the championship?

DORIS CHEN: I didn't think of that in the afternoon.  I think a lot the first round.

But I think even in the afternoon when I got back, 1 up, 2 up, I didn't feel like I was winning. I was just hitting my golf shots. I didn't really think about, ‘Oh, maybe I can win this.’

But this morning I think a lot. I think about, Oh, I'm 2 up, I'm going to be 4 up at the end of the round.

Q. Katelyn said that after the 11th hole she just started losing it. Did you sense she was not quite playing as well as she had been?  Could you feel that? Could you tell she was struggling after the 11th hole?

DORIS CHEN: Yeah, maybe. I think she just trying really hard. 

Q. Where does this rank on golf experiences and tournaments that you've won in your career?

DORIS CHEN: This is the best tournament I win, really.  I won some FWCT and AJGA events, but this is the biggest trophy I ever got.

Q. Will you now play in the Women's Amateur? 


Q. It's going to be hot there, too.

DORIS CHEN: Yes. Umbrella (laughter).

Q. Where will you go until then?

DORIS CHEN: I'm going to Taiwan today, right now, to play a tournament there. Come back and then U.S. Amateur. And then probably some AJGA events, and then back to school.

Q. Will you keep the trophy here with you in Bradenton?

DORIS CHEN: What do you mean?

Q. Will you have the trophy with you in Bradenton?  You'll take it home?

DORIS CHEN: Uh‑huh, yeah. I can bring it, right?

BETH MURRISON: Yes. You don't even have to carry it. We'll ship it anywhere you want to take it.

DORIS CHEN: Thank you.