USGA Grants Initiative Summary For Pittsburgh July 2, 2010 By USGA

About USGA Grant Giving: The USGA works to make the game of golf affordable and accessible.  Since 1997, the USGA Grants Initiative has provided more than $65 million to in excess of 1,000 programs that serve economically-disadvantaged juniors and individuals with disabilities. More than 2.2 million participants have benefited from these programs.  Beyond its Grants Initiative, the USGA operates several direct charitable activities and partners with national organizations to promote accessible facility development, affordable course access, opportunities for girls in golf, and initiatives for individuals with disabilities.

About USGA Grant Giving in the Greater Pittsburgh Area: The United States Golf Association (USGA) has long supported junior golf programs in the Greater Pittsburgh area through its For the Good of the Game Grants Initiative, which provides affordable access to the game to underserved youth, girls, and individuals with disabilities. Since 1997 more than a million dollars has been awarded in the Greater Pittsburgh area to 13 different programs.

Grant Giving in Greater Pittsburgh Area

Total Amount Awarded

Organization Name



Boys and Girls Club of Western PA



Butler County Family YMCA



Children’s Center for Treatment and Education

Port Allegany


Christian Sports International



CR Junior Chips, Inc.



Pittsburgh Youth Golf Foundation



Spina Bifida Association of Western Penn



The First Tee of Southwest Pennsylvania

Beaver Falls


Tommy Smith Junior Golf



West Penn Minority Jr. Golf Association



Western PA Golf Works/Coll. Conn.



Woodlands Foundation



Total Greater pittsburgh Giving



Championships in this area:

2010 U.S. Women’s Open, Oakmont Country Club 

Story Pitches for this area:

Fore Hope, Inc.,  Columbus, OH:

This USGA-supported program, was one of the first organizations to provide a therapeutic approach to golf by creating a program for persons of all ages, disabilities and economic backgrounds, while assisting them with their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.  A participant in recent fundraiser for Fore Hope made a hole-in-one while blindfolded as one of several shots simulating challenges that golfers with disabilities overcome.  The USGA has provided more than $160,000 to Fore Hope going back to 1992.

Pittsburgh Girls Golf Site, Pittsburgh:

This Girls Golf site work primarily with disadvantaged girls in the Pittsburgh area. Many participants have taken to golf as a way to stay busy after-school and have built important relationships with instructors. This group also traveled to the US Women's Open last year when it was in Bethlehem, PA. The proceeds from program sales go to Pittsburgh Youth Golf Foundation and The First Tee of Pittsburgh.

CR Junior Chips/The First Tee of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh:

The First Tee of Pittsburgh is a highly successful program and serves more than 2,000 participants each year.  Under the leadership of Executive Director Marc Field, participants from the program will be selling Championship Programs throughout the week at the 2010 Women’s Open. The First Tee chapter also has a huge outreach to individuals with disabilities and runs a girls program for foster children, which was very successful in 2009. The foster program would provide great material for an impactful article. This is a great program to highlight; however, the impact of this story is heightened because of the program's involvement in the Women's Open.

Woodlands Foundation, Wexford:

The Woodlands Foundation is a highly successful organization in Pennsylvania that serves more than 1,000 Individuals with disabilities each year. One particular participant sited the program to higher levels of self esteem and confidence after being in the program for upwards to five years. Also, USGA support aided the Woodlands in building an accessible golf facility, an area that has acted as a haven for the disabled participants that attend. USGA support has extended to eight USGA Supported Grants.