Interview With Peter Uihlein August 26, 2010 By USGA

THE MODERATOR:  We'd like to welcome our third semifinalist.  One step more than last year.  Peter was a quarterfinalist last year.  Peter Uihlein from Orlando, Florida, a runner‑up winner over his teammate Morgan Hoffmann .  Tell us how you felt and your emotions wanting to win and having to play against a friend out there and struggling against a really tough golf course?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah, it's never fun having to play a teammate and one of my best friends.  That's never fun.  It's bittersweet, that's for sure.  I can't really say much.

            We both played really well.  He three‑putted a couple times to give me some holes.  But we were both pretty solid all day.  That is the way I think you want to go out.  You want to go out playing well and not playing poorly, so.

            THE MODERATOR:  What did you say to him and what did he say to you when the match was over?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Just hugged and I said sorry.  And he's like, it's all right.  Just go win it for the Cowboys and go get it done.


            Q.  You won the Sahalee Players Championship last month.  I'm assuming you came to play the course during that time?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  I played it twice.


            Q.  How was the weather then?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Cold and rainy.


            Q.  Not like it is now?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  No rain, and it was a lot greener.


            Q.  So was there much preparation seeing it?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah, seeing it, and leading up to it, knowing it was going to be a lot firmer and a lot faster, being able to hit certain shots and using pretty much the Western as a tune‑up for this one.

            It was good preparation.  I knew what the holes looked like and some of the shots that I'd be able to play, the bump‑and‑run and stuff like that.


            Q.  Did you enjoy the greener version of this?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  This version's treating me pretty good right now.  So this is all right.


            Q.  It goes beyond you guys being teammates.  You lived together for a while, right?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Uh‑huh.


            Q.  What was that like?  Did you do the cooking and he did the cleaning?  What was the relationship?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah, we lived together our freshmen and sophomore years.  I had just moved out.  We were definitely different because I kind of always liked to just after we were practicing, I just like to kind of relax.  He always wants to go do something and go have some fun.  I don't mind playing or watching a movie or sitting down.


            Q.  He's a partier?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  No, no.  He's not a partier.  He likes to do things.  Kind of an adrenaline junky, I guess you could say.  I'm just more laid back and relaxed kind of guy.


            Q.  Do you putt well with trains going by?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  I have no idea.


            Q.  There was one on 16 there.  So you just tuned that out?  Obviously you didn't even notice it?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  I noticed the helicopters on 11.  Those were pretty cool.


            Q.  And he gave you a pretty substantial putt on what, a two‑footer or something I think on the front maybe?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah, we were giving pretty good sized putts all day.  We both kind of wanted to control the match in our hands.  So say if I had a two‑footer for par and he had a six‑footer for birdie he would give it to me because he wanted to be the one to make the putt.  I was doing the same thing to him as well.

            We were making sure the match was in our hands.  Like on 18, he hit it pretty far by, but I gave it to him because I wanted it to come down to me, so...


            Q.  Do you feel like you've got some pretty good north‑west Karma going?  It wasn't just Sahalee.  Coming out here in the college season, you're undefeated out here, and obviously your relationship with Jonathan.  This seems to be a good area that's treated you well.

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah.  I've played well up here.  The courses are great.  The food's good.  There is a good Chinese place down the road, a Coco's or something that is really good.  But, yeah, I enjoy it up here.  I've had pretty good success.


            Q.  How would you rate your game and his game?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  We played pretty solid.  Like I said, he gave me a couple of holes with some three‑putts.  But all in all we played pretty good.  He played a typical Morgan day.  He hit pretty much every fairway and hit the ball solid.  His distance control is spectacular.  It just came down to I made some more putts at the end.

            We virtually played our normal games out there.  I was just fortunate enough to come out on top this time.


            Q.  You're going to have to play some different kind of shots here than you would at some other courses that you played in.  Did you do anything this summer to work on certain low‑flighted shots or what not?  I'm just curious if you did any specific preparation knowing what you might need to have here?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah, the Western Am I kind of used it as kind of hitting the flight of the ball a little bit.  Hitting it a little bit lower and doing some different things around the greens just trying to prepare.  Leading up to it, I worked with my coach a little bit and worked on some bump‑and‑runs and pitches in the hills and stuff like that trying to prepare.

            But it's one of those courses that based on conditions you really can't prepare too much for.  It just comes out if I'm comfortable pulling that shot off when I need to.


            Q.  How important is it to have Alan Bratton your coach at Oklahoma State on your bag this week?  I know he's carried with you in college or walked with you in college tournaments, not caddied, but how important is it to you to have him right there with you?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah, last year at the Southern he caddied for me.  We had a good round and a good time.  He's definitely really helpful.  He's still a great player.  He was college player of the year in his day, and first team All American, so he can still play some golf.  He can beat us when he wants to.

            To have him there, he knows my game pretty well because he's walked with me a bunch.  He's helped my club out there.  He's just been great, a big, calming influence.  I feel like it might have been difficult for him today being torn between me and Hoff, but it's been great all week.


            Q.  I know you guys are good friends, so how long will you wait before you start holding this over him in terms of giving him some good natured ribbing?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  I never.  No, I'm not going to do that.


            Q.  No?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  No.  It was a well‑fought match and we both played well, so...


            Q.  Can you describe how you feel right now?  You don't seem as excited as a guy who just made the semis?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Yeah, it's bittersweet.  I just took out one of my best friends.  It's hard because seeing him after, he wasn't happy.  It's hard for me to be excited when I just played him.  But he played well, and I think that's the way you want to go out, so...


            Q.  Do you know anything about Patrick, your opponent, Patrick Cantlay?

            PETER UIHLEIN:  He went to UCLA?


            Q.  Yeah.

            PETER UIHLEIN:  Freshman?


            Q.  Yeah.

            PETER UIHLEIN:  That's all I know (laughing).