An Interview With The Champion September 29, 2010 By USGA


KEN KLAVON:  We're here with Meghan Stasi, who has won the U.S. Women's Mid‑Amateur Trophy for the third time.  Meghan, tell us how you're feeling right now?

            MEGHAN STASI:  I'm feeling a lot of different things right now, relief and mostly just excitement.  It's been a trying week for the tournament.  We have to play such great golf to make it through today and to make it on top.  So very ‑‑ just more excited and relieved.

            KEN KLAVON:  Now you tie, as you know, two other players for the most times winning this championship.  Have you thought about what that means?

            MEGHAN STASI:  I will now.  Like Martha said in her speech on, I think Friday night, she waited so long for her first win.  And just to have one is incredible, and the third is just ‑‑ I'll let you know in a little bit.  Still a lot of feelings going on right now.


            Q.  What will you do with the trophy?

            MEGHAN STASI:  Well, I don't know if I can say that or not.


            Q.  Sure you can.

            MEGHAN STASI:  No, what I was going to say was maybe, possibly, on Monday night we've got a good friend of mine is on "Monday Night Football", so it may make an appearance on that.  We'll see if we can get it done.

            They're all great golfers, the three guys.  Then from there, I don't know.

            KEN KLAVON:  Questions.


            Q.  The championship match, can you talk about just the start that you got off to today particularly on the greens?

            MEGHAN STASI:  It was very important for me to ‑‑ I was putting well all week ‑‑ but it was very important for me, my teacher Rick Martino and both my husband, to see the lines when I was putting.  So I forced myself on several putts to really see the line, and I did.

            I had a great vision today.  Got the speed right and drained a few that I really needed to.


            Q.  Talk a little bit about your approach shots into the greens.  A lot of these pins were up towards the front of the greens, and it seemed like you were dialed in distance‑wise for the most part pretty well?

            MEGHAN STASI:  And that helps all week.  Just hitting a lot of great shots all week with little windier today from the north.  It switched a lot all week.  So I was prepared for that.  Just really got the yardages down to the front of the green.  You have to have a lot of uphill thoughts putts, if you can, which wasn't easy sometimes.


            Q.  If you talk just a little bit about Carol's play.  When things were really dark for her, she kind of flipped the switch and put some pressure on.

            MEGHAN STASI:  Right, I don't think she really ever had a dark moment.  But she, you know, to hit, you have to hit the fairways and greens out there.  And I tried to do that all week to prepare myself for today if I made it through.  It was just very important for me to do that.


            Q.  How much did it mean to have your dad on the bag here?

            MEGHAN STASI:  I don't know if you can ever ‑‑ you just can't describe it.  It's an incredible experience to share with him.  And he's always been there for me and for all of us, my brothers and sisters, and just a great support system, as well as my mother.

            It was her birthday yesterday, so I gave her the two wins (laughing).


            Q.  How many brothers and sisters do you have?

            MEGHAN STASI:  I am the oldest of five.  And my parents also do foster care, so we probably have had over a hundred kids at the house, so...


            Q.  Now when Carol starts to make her run, you expect that, I assume, in match play?

            MEGHAN STASI:  Yeah, I made those couple bogeys.  It wasn't ‑‑ I didn't hit bad shots.  One just on off the ‑‑ sorry, wrong one.  But 12 off the tee, I just picked it for a line, which caused maybe in the rough a little bit, ended up making the bogey.

            You have to force, you have to keep going until the ball's in the hole.  Some of the pin placements today, it's not out ‑‑ no one's out of play.


            Q.  Did you ever have a sense of nerves or any kind of anxiety out there?

            MEGHAN STASI:  No, confident from the start.  I had a good line on 16.  That was the only one I really wish I would have finished on, but decided to prolong the victory a little bit.  But no, no nerves.  A lot of confidence, though.


            Q.  To win 15 with the par when Carol bogeyed, after she had won three consecutive holes, how important was it to extend that tie a little bit?

            MEGHAN STASI:  It's definitely a lot nicer to have a 2‑up going into the last three than a ‑‑ but I hit a great drive right where I wanted to, and also hit a great approach shot, which is not an easy pin as well.  So I had my line.  I had my vision all day, so just stuck with the game plan.


            Q.  So often in matches when somebody gets way down and can kind of just turn it loose, that's when you have the results that start shifting.  Did you feel like she was just letting it go, and you were going to have to ‑‑ what were you going to have to do to combat that, I guess?

            MEGHAN STASI:  Well, having the early lead is a definite help, but you've got to keep plugging away.  You have to.  You can't give up.  There are still nine holes to go and it's match play.  So she did make a couple.  She did win the three in a row, but I was never down on myself.


            Q.  Was it nice to hit the approach shot first into 18?  She has to win the hole and you hit it on the green?

            MEGHAN STASI:  Yeah, I had my line there.  Seeing I need the win with that pin was tough.  It's not easy.  But same thing, I just stuck with my line and was pretty aggressive with that shot, so.


            Q.  What would you say was the best part of your game today and maybe even this week?

            MEGHAN STASI:  I hit a lot of fairways.  Even with the length, you still have to hit the fairways, which is very important.  And I did, and I got up‑and‑down a few times when I needed to.

            There were definitely a few shots that I missed out there, but just trying to stay steady all week, like I did.


            Q.  In terms of today, we asked Carol the same question.  She said it was her putting, bar none, especially on the front nine.  Would you agree your putting is what pretty much carried you through personally?

            MEGHAN STASI:  It definitely helped, yeah.  Like I said earlier, with just seeing that line, that was ‑‑ you don't see that very often.  I wish I saw it every time I played, but just really wanted to stick with that game plan.


            Q.  Would you call it an exceptional day on the greens?  What you had going through those first 11 holes?

            MEGHAN STASI:  Now, yes.  When it comes down to it all, yes, it was exceptional on the front nine to make some of those putts, especially off the first hole.

            That first putt was not easy.  I just wanted to give myself an uphill putt as close as possible.  And I think it started from number one, making the second putt.


            Q.  Where would you rank this with your other victories, including Curtis Cup match and everything else you've won?

            MEGHAN STASI:  Right now it feels unbelievable.  I think when you think about all of them together, I think it's just an incredible accomplishment.  I know my husband's happy to have Stasi on the trophy (laughing).  Just a lot of excitement now.


            Q.  Think that trophy ends up in the restaurant at some point?

            MEGHAN STASI:  I'm sure it will, yeah.  The restaurant will ‑‑ the Saints and LSU bar, so it will hopefully bring in the Saints another few wins there.