How To Spot A Slow Course June 9, 2011 By Bill Yates, Pace Manager Systems

  • An aggressively short starting interval 
  • A starter who doesn’t actually start groups 
  • The pro shop or starter who agrees to “squeeze in” your groups                
  • Employees with a typically indifferent attitude 
  • Lack of signage to help you find your way around  
  • Rangers who just drive by and don’t provide assistance 
  • Carts restricted to cart paths—add about 10% to the base Pace Rating 
  • Yardage marked only on sprinkler heads or not at all 
  • Staff  with no knowledge of (or use for) the course’s USGA Pace Rating 
  • No communication about realistic expectations for play 
  • No communication about players’ progress during the round 
  • A course with a par 5 first hole and a par 3 second hole 
  • Any course where the locals pack newspapers to read on tees and fairways while waiting to play!