Jack Senior Interview August 25, 2011 By USGA

THE MODERATOR:  Okay.  We'd like to welcome our second semifinalist, Jack Senior, from England.  A 1‑up winner over Jordan Spieth.  And came down to the 18th hole, so tell us what happened there, Jack.  Congratulations. 

            JACK SENIOR:  I mean the 18th hole was a really difficult hole.  They put it on the forward tee today, which made it a little bit more gettable and Jordan just hit the tee shot down there in the bunker and then he hit it in the next bunker and then just unfortunately hit it in the following bunker, so he's found three bunkers, but he played great all day and just made that one mistake, and unfortunately it was very costly. 

            THE MODERATOR:  Was this the kind of day where you really had to just focus on the golf course and keep your head down and grind?  And it's tough to do that when the match is so close, but what was your mindset as you went through the match. 

            JACK SENIOR:  Mindset was eight holes, play pretty solid eight holes.  Jordan hit me on a couple of holes with a couple of good birdies and it was pretty tight, those two holes coming into the end of the game.  And then he bogeyed the par 5 and then followed it with another bogey, and then it just all came down.  

            And then I birdied the 16th, the par‑3.  I hit a great shot in there to three or four feet and then just hit a terrible tee shot from the tee into the cabbage on the right and just gave him the hole basically and as we said on the 18 was the key point. 

            THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Jack, please.  


            Q.  How did you play the 18th hole?  

            JACK SENIOR:  I hit driver in between the two traps.  Then hit 4‑iron just to the right of the green.  And then chipped it, I mean it was quite soft there at the front of the green.  It just kind of checked up a little bit on me.  And then I rolled up to two feet and he conceded.  


            Q.  Forgive me for not knowing this, but have you been over and played in the U. S. very much and how successful have you been when you have been over here? 

            JACK SENIOR:  This is the first time I've been over in the U. S.  It's something which I've always wanted to do, and I feel that a lot of guys have said get yourself out there because it suits your style of game, and I think this week's showed it certainly does suit me out here. 


            Q.  What in particular seems to be going right for you this week in your mind? 

            JACK SENIOR:  I feel my strength is driving and putting.  I mean that's the two key things you've gotta do around this golf course.  So I think that's what's helped me to my success here this week.  


            Q.  Only one man from England has ever won the U.S. Amateur.  I mean has that thought crossed your mind that you could be the second, or do you try and keep that out of your mindset? 

            JACK SENIOR:  I mean I came in here this week with not a lot of expectation because I've been playing pretty poor back home and not been playing great, but this week's just swung up on me and I've found a bit of form.  

            That's the way it goes sometimes.  This game is all about confidence and if you're confident out on the golf course, then you reap the rewards. 


            Q.  When did you come over, and how long did you get a chance to acclimate here, if you will, before the week? 

            JACK SENIOR:  I came over on the Wednesday, so I had a good look at the course, walked the course a couple of times.  Really got knowledge of the course.  And then also walked Blue Mound as well in qualifying because I felt that was pretty key for me since that was the first time I've played over here, and just getting used to it around there.  I mean that was a difficult golf course as well, so I feel I prepared really well for the event, which you've got to.  


            Q.  I just want to ask you one more time.  If only one England man has won this event in the past, I don't even know if you know it, but would that mean something to you to be the second? 

            JACK SENIOR:  Yeah.  I feel it would mean a lot to be the second to win out here.  But I mean I'm just taking every shot as it comes really.  I'm not really thinking about too far ahead.  I mean I'm just taking every shot as it comes, and if I get to the final if I'm lucky enough to do that, then we'll see what happens that day.  


            Q.  You know, this is a Links style course over here in America.  How does this compare to courses back home for you and what do you think of the course in general? 

            JACK SENIOR:  This is like being at home.  I mean this is very similar to being at home.  I mean where the Walker Cup is in two weeks' time, this is exactly like it.  A lot.  This is the exact style of course I play week in, week out, so this is a real home track for me. 


            Q.  Did you get some communication from your Walker Cup teammates back at home?  Are they texting you? 

            JACK SENIOR:  I've had a couple of things on Facebook and Twitter and things like that, a couple of texts here, a couple of texts there, but I think it'll escalate a little bit more this evening when they see I'm free to the semis because obviously you're one match away from the final and you've just gotta take every shot as it comes, and hopefully it's good enough tomorrow.  


            Q.  The match you just had with Jordan, I don't know if you've answered this already, but it looked like at times you thought the kid was bulletproof.  I mean you tried so many times to roll some birdie putts in there and just none were falling.  Did you think that he had nine lives out there? 

            JACK SENIOR:  I mean I did feel, I mean playing the par 5, 14, the par 5, I hit a tee shot down there just down the left, and I pulled a terrible lie.  I mean I had not had a great lie all day from the poor tee shots.  And then it just continued really and then he did start to hit a couple of poor shots, and I did just get him under pressure, and I think he did feel it a little bit maybe.  But I mean he's a great player.  I mean he's only 18 and he's got a great future ahead of him. 


            Q.  You mentioned yesterday that you've enjoyed the galleries out here.  Has it been a pro American gallery or have you felt pretty much at ease here? 

            JACK SENIOR:  Yeah.  I mean a lot of guys have come up to me and said well done.  I think they pull both ways.  I don't think it's a massive American fan base.  I had a couple of English guys come up to me today and say come on, Jack, we're pulling for you.  I mean it works both ways, but I feel if you hit a great shot in there, then they do appreciate your golf.  

            THE MODERATOR:  Anything else for Jack?  Jack, congratulations.  Well done.  Good luck tomorrow.  Appreciate it.  

            JACK SENIOR:  Thank you.