Rugge, Nicklaus Talk Golf August 8, 2011 By USGA

When it comes to golf equipment, nobody carries a bigger stick than Dick Rugge, the USGA’s senior technical director since 2000. As the head of the USGA’s Research and Test Center, Rugge is responsible for testing golf equipment to ensure that the clubs and balls used by millions of golfers around the world conform to the Rules of Golf.


With a strong background in engineering, Rugge has led the USGA’s oversight and regulation of golf equipment during an era of dizzying advances in technology. His knowledge and authority are well respected throughout the industry, which made him the perfect candidate to talk about the evolving world of golf equipment with another noted expert, Jack Nicklaus.


In the latest episodes of “Conversations with the Golden Bear,” Rugge sat down with the legend for frank, insightful discussions about issues like grooves, the distance debate and effect of technology on average golfers. To watch the entertaining, enlightening dialogue between Rugge and Nicklaus, click here.