Semifinal Interview With Russell August 26, 2011 By USGA

             THE MODERATOR:  All right.  Thank you all for coming.  I want to welcome Jordan Russell up here to our stand.  Lost his semifinal match today to Patrick Cantlay by a 4 & 3 margin.  Sorry to hear about that.  What can you tell us about your match today?  

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  You know, it was a good match.  Really back and forth early on.  I don't think we tied a hole until around 7 or so.  Maybe 8.  I don't know.  

            And you know, once Patrick got the momentum, he just played like he always does, and you know, he did a really good job of just playing consistent, and it was really hard.  I wasn't giving myself many chances, so he just played really solid and closed it out like he should have. 

            THE MODERATOR:  Tell us about those first six holes.  Like you said, they were back and forth in a really tight match there.  

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  Yeah.  The first six holes, I mean we both had some good looks at it.  Couple bogeys ‑‑ or couple pars won holes.  So you know, it was just a fight.  The course played a little different today.  I felt like it was maybe a little tougher setup, which is pretty good.  The better golfer obviously came out on top.  So you know, I felt like it played pretty fair and pretty good. 

            THE MODERATOR:  Great.  We'll open the floor for any questions.  


            Q.  Jordan, it's been obviously a very good week for you.  Disappointing to lose, but what are you going to take away from this week here that you'll take back to this college season? 

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  Yeah, this week was great.  I mean making it this far, I had some really tough matches early on and played really well in two others.  So just to know that I can come back from being down, and you know, two down with two to play or 1‑down with one to play and come back and flip the guy was really good.  I take away nothing but confidence.  


            Q.  Yeah, just mentioning the difficulty of the golf course, was a lot of that the speed of the greens?  It seemed much faster today.  

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  Yeah.  I had a chip on 1, and it landed ‑‑ it sounded like it landed on hardwood.  So I'd say they rolled them quite a few times to get it ready for today.  I mean they were great.  They're flawless, that's for sure.  


            Q.  What happened on the 8th hole where he took a bogey and you took a double? 

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  The hole was playing long.  I couldn't get it to the top of the hill, and just drew an awkward lie in the rough.  I thought I hit it ‑‑ I was going to hit a 3‑wood and decided to play it smart and try to make par with a wedge, and I guess I got a bad line.  It's a blind shot.  I got a bad line on where I wanted to take my kind of layup shot and ended up hitting it too far in the rough and then just barely got it on the green from there in three putts.  So just a bad hole overall.  

            THE MODERATOR:  Jordan, I believe you were playing in only your second amateur.  What do you take of your success in this championship?  

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  You know, it was definitely a lot of fun.  Two years ago I caddied for a teammate after I didn't make it through Match Play, and I kind of just decided that that's kind of what I want to do.  It seemed like a lot of fun, so to make it this far was pretty cool.  


            Q.  Who did you caddy for? 

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  Bronson Burgoon.  


            Q.  Just wanted to ask you about that last hole.  You were dormie, fighting for your life there.  You had a great shot in and then he hits it inside you.  His almost went in.  Can you just describe? 

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  Yeah.  I hit a great shot in there to about two feet, and then Patrick's just a great player, obviously a great wedge player, and you know, he closed it out like he always does, it seems like.  He's just clutch.  I mean you've seen it, he's been down in a couple of matches and came back.  So what do you expect?  

            THE MODERATOR:  Any other questions?  No.  Well, then, we thank you so much, Jordan.  Great week, and great college season coming up for you.  

            JORDAN RUSSELL:  Thank you.  


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