Observing Sept. 11 September 10, 2011 By Rhonda Glenn, USGA

Players head up the ninth fairway toward the American flag flagstick Sunday. (Courtesy Sharon Tucker)

 Chattanooga, Tenn. - Along with the Star-Spangled Banners on the flagsticks at No. 9 and No. 11 and the American flags waving from the carts of USGA officials, players observed Sept. 11 in their own way.  

The grouping of Maggie Leef of Brookfield, Wis., Victoria Leptien of Vista, Calif., and Cathy Sarkissian of Chino Hills, Calif., dressed for the occasion. Leef, Leptien and Sarkissian each wore navy blue shorts and bright red shirts in remembrance of the American tragedy that happened 10 years ago today. After holing out on the 18th, they paused to comment. 

I did it for 9/11, said Leef. I had to buy a new navy-blue hat for today but I forgot my 9/11 pin.  

Me too, said Sarkissian. That was a tragic day for me, for everyone at work, for everyone. 

I just did it to be supportive of the observance, said Leptien. 

Seeming somewhat somber on this sparkling bright day, they’re still playing in a national championship so they gathered themselves and went striding to the first tee. It’s their second nine today and the tee is surrounded on three sides by small American flags that flutter gently in the morning breeze.