Saturday Foursomes Quick Quotes September 9, 2011 By The R&A and USGA

USA Captain Jim Holtgrieve after the morning foursomes 

(Certainly not the result you would have liked)

It certainly was not the result but conditions were tough from what I heard talking to the team. The guys from GB&I putted extremely well today. Nobody’s down.  Everybody said they played pretty well. I think a couple of guys were nervous out of the box. I think we are fired up for the singles matches. I told them we have a long way to go. There are still three significant rounds of golf to be played. They are just in good spirits. They are still fired up and ready to play hard.

(put English and Uihlein out first and didn’t get the point)

I was certainly hoping for that one. Peter said ‘We were two under par but Stewart and Lewis played great.’ I know in match play everything changes a little bit. We didn’t come out of the box real strong but we’ll see how are guys rebound and how they are going to take the pressure. We just have to be fired up this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

 Peter Uihlein"They had one hiccup and we had two. You have to give them credit.

Tom Lewis / Michael Stewart 

Tom Lewis 

I was much more nervous at The Open than I was there at the first tee. It was a bit embarrassing going back to the tee but we managed to win a couple of hole at the start of the back nine and we’ve managed to come away with a win which is good.

Michael Stewart  

Once we got one up it was all about hanging on up 16 and finishing on 17 and managed to do that with the chip shot, so delighted to get the win on the board.

It’s huge to get ahead in the morning foursomes. I will carry the momentum forward for this afternoon and we’ll come out fighting.

Andy Sullivan 

It’s great that the team has got off to a great start and hopefully we can build this afternoon on a good morning.

I hope we’re in the same pairing tomorrow. We’ve played a lot together this year and we enjoy a bit of banter on the course and we managed to get a point today.

Speaking after sinking a three-foot putt to win on 17, Jack Senior said:

There is a lot of pressure on those thee footers but you’ve got to be confident with your stroke and believe you are going to hole them and that’s what happened.

Alan Dunbar / Paul Cutler 

Alan Dunbar: 

It’s unbelievable to be honest it’s a great start for us. We were two up early on and then lost three holes in a row and then we had a good putt on seven which kick started us and got us more up for it, won eight and then never really looked back from there to be honest.

 It’s great. We live close together at home but we’ve only been paired together once before and that was two or three years ago but it’s good to play with a great friend.

Paul Cutler: 

My aim was to get a point for him and give the whole team a boost. This weekend we’re just going to try and use the crowd as much as possible. They have been great in getting behind us and if we use them it is can really lift us when it’s getting tough out there.

GB&I Captain Nigel Edwards after morning foursomes 

 It was a tremendous morning. I thought our boys did a great job.

 (surprised by the result)

Not really. The Irish boys did well. I know they can putt. I know they love to play in the wind and the rain. Tom and Mikey did really well and Jack and Sully were in command all the way. So, tremendous performances from them. Stiggy and Steve, they stuck at it and obviously, they were up against it from the off.