Green Section Internships Awarded For 2012 May 29, 2012 By USGA

For the 15th year, the USGA Green Section has awarded internships to outstanding turfgrass management students. During 2012, the Green Section will provide the opportunity for 11 students to travel with the Green Section staff on Turf Advisory Service visits. Each intern will travel for one week with a USGA agronomist between the months of May and August. The internship program provides students with a broader view of the golf course industry and the opportunity to learn about golf course maintenance through the perspective of the Green Section agronomists. More information about the internship program can be found in the Course Care section of the USGA’s website (    



Intern Name  Year University Advisor 
 Lisa Beirn  Ph.D. Program  Rutgers University Dr. Bruce Clarke 
 James Bryson Junior Delaware Valley College  Dr. Doug Linde 
 Robert Butler Senior University of Nebraska  Dr. Zac Reicher 
 Robert Cross M.S. Program Clemson University  Dr. Bert McCarty 
 Matthew Elmore Ph.D. Program University of Tennessee  Dr. Jim Brosnan 
 Tyler Johanson Junior University of Florida  Dr. Jason Kruse 
Matthew Lyons Senior Utah State University  Dr. Paul Johnson 
 Anthony Minniti Junior University of Connecticut  Dr. Karl Guillard 
Ty Patton M.S. Program Oregon State University  Dr. Rob Golembiewski 
Trent Tate M.S. Program University of Georgia  Dr. Paul Raymer 
 Adam Wepfer Junior University of Wisconsin  Dr. Doug Soldat