Tom Lehman (Flash) July 12, 2012 By USGA


MODERATOR:  Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Lehman, 66, 4 under par for the Championship.

TOM LEHMAN:  Hi there.

Q.  Hi, Tom.  Well done.

TOM LEHMAN:  Thanks.

Q.  Few more putts fall for you today, Tom?

TOM LEHMAN:  Yeah, played a bit better.  I didn't feel good about my game yesterday.  Didn't start out all that well today either, but kind of got into a groove and started playing the ball, or hitting the ball much more solidly.  Made a few putts.  Kind of struggled a bit coming in the last couple, hit some lousy shots.  But all in all, it was a good day.

Q.  The way you finished up yesterday, did that kind of motivate you in some respect today?

TOM LEHMAN:  I was very frustrated.  I was kind of getting the ball around yesterday and had 124 yards to the pin on No. 8 with a pitching wedge and made a bogey there.  And then a simple 8 iron on 18, made a bogey there.  Just two bad shots, two three‑putts.  But the three‑putts are always typically a result of bad iron shots out here.  You hit bad iron shots like that, you deserve bogeys, but it's frustrating to finish a round like that.

Today was forget about yesterday.  I know in these events, if you shoot a good round, you can pass a lot of guys.  Today was a good day.

Q.  Are you still learning little nuances about this golf course and where to hit the ball, maybe where not to hit the ball?

TOM LEHMAN:  I think it's what to hit off the tee is probably one of the biggest things.  We've played most of the practice rounds with the wind the opposite direction.  So you really didn't get a good look at a south wind until the tournament started.

So some of the holes, like, for example, on No. 16, we were hitting driver in the practice round.  I hit a rescue today so I wouldn't go through the fairway.  So just kind of trying to get a grasp of what club to hit off the tee, I think, has been a bit of a learning experience.

Q.  Did the wind pick up out there discernibly?

TOM LEHMAN:  It picked up some.  It's not blowing super hard, but it's enough to be a factor.  I think the guys who played this morning definitely caught up at the break.

Q.  Can you comment on your impression of this golf course in the design respect?

TOM LEHMAN:  I really think it's a wonderful course.  I think the greens are fantastic, amazing greens.  The course has nice movement to it, left and right.  It's not just straight forward down a bowling alley, but you have to kind of shape your shots or pick the right line.

 I just think it's a very strategic, thinking man's kind of a golf course, where you really need to know what you're doing.  Perfect example, 15th hole.  I was telling my caddie it's a par 5.  I would love to do a study of playing that hole 100 times and go for it in two 50 times and lay it up 50 times and see which gives you the better scoring average.  You go for it in two and get out of position, you might make bogey.  So to me, it's a thinking man's golf course.