Interview With Amateur Runner-up Michael Weaver August 19, 2012 By USGA


            PETE KOWALSKI:  We'd like to welcome our 2012 U.S. Amateur runner‑up, Michael Weaver from Fresno, California.  And obviously, Michael, this is an emotional moment for you.  The putt at 18, and then having what you wanted full on regressed the next hole.  If you could maybe summarize what your thoughts are.  I know it's tough.  But try to ‑‑

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  Just ‑‑ not disappointed.  Just sad.  I mean I played well.  I thought I made my putt on 18.  I kind of looked away.  I was ‑‑ I thought it went in, and it didn't.

            I mean you know, that's golf.  But just to see it slip through my fingers, it sucks, and I know I had a great week and all that.  But I'm not really thinking about that now.  I know I led from the sixth or seventh hole, something like that, and I lost on the 37th.  I never trailed between then.

            PETE KOWALSKI:  What was your read on the putt on 18?

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  I played it about right edge.  I wanted to hit it ‑‑ not ram it in, but make sure I got it there.  I didn't want to play it outside the hole really.

            I hit a good putt, hit my line, and I mean just ‑‑ for it to lip out like that, I would rather it just not even have hit the hole.  I mean I would have rathered just hit a bad putt, you know, and that's that, but to have that happen, I mean I don't know what to say.

            PETE KOWALSKI:  Okay.  Questions for Michael.


            Q.  Michael, first of all, congratulations on a great week.

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  Thank you.


            Q.  I wasn't there to see where your ‑‑ what the lie was for your second shot there on the playoff hole.  Was there ever any consideration of trying to ask for relief from the temporary removal obstruction there with the hole site for No. 2?

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  I thought about it briefly, but that would have been a pretty serious stretch.  It was ‑‑ I would have had to nearly chip it into the bunker, I think, to play on that lie, so I did not bother.  It did cross my mind for a second, but I realized, you know ‑‑ I mean I could have asked for it, but I ‑‑ it wasn't in my line.  I mean I'm not trying to bend the rules, you know.


            Q.  State of mind when you got to one tee?  I mean hard to hit that shot?

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  Yeah.  You know, I mean you try to put it behind you, but I mean I still can't believe what happened.  I mean I feel like I did an okay job of trying to forget about it.  But I don't know, I mean I was fighting left all day off the tee it seems like anyway, so it was kind of just standard, I guess.

            I don't know.  I mean I felt like I put it behind me all right.  Just you know, that's the way it goes sometimes.


            Q.  First of all, the putt on 18, did you see it bounce slightly on the way there?  Do you know what it hit off of?

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  No, I didn't see it bounce.  Doesn't make it any better.  Makes you feel even worse to make that happen.


            Q.  Yeah.  TV replay showed it kind of hopped a little bit about halfway there, but I didn't know if you knew what happened.

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  That's unfortunate.  I mean nothing I can do now.  That's just the way it goes.


            Q.  No, you can't.  But maybe overall you can just talk for a minute about your growth as a golfer, taking the year off and, you know, really putting your game together to the point where, you know, here you are, you're still going to matches next year, you know, and some other good things.  Just talk about that growth.

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  Yeah, I redshirted last year.  That's helped me a lot.  No doubt it's helped me get to where I am now.  I improved my short game and my wedge play and just kept working on my game as a whole.

            And as far as this week goes, I mean obviously if you would have told me at the beginning of the week that I was runner up, I would be pretty happy.  You know, it gives me a lot of confidence, especially since I beat some pretty good players.  And Justin Thomas, not to say that the other guys weren't as good, but they're two of the top players in the world, amateurs, and no knock both of those guys off, Justin leading the whole way and kind of being in control and coming back, you know, really gives me a lot of confidence going forward, and hopefully I can carry that forward with me into Minnesota in two weeks for our first college event with the Cal Bears.

            PETE KOWALSKI:  Further questions for Michael?  Going once.  Okay.  Michael, congratulations.  A terrific week for you.  Oh, sorry.


            Q.  Yeah, along those same lines, you made that decision because you wanted to go to the business school and so forth.  Can you talk about maybe just that part of it away from the golf course, that you're also building towards, you know, looking to your future, you know, not just considering golf.  A lot of guys just look at golf.  Obviously you've gone outside that and kind of have a fuller picture of who you are.

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  Yeah.  I'm still planning on turning professional after I graduate in two years.  The change of major didn't change my plans as far as that.  I do want to attempt to play professionally and hopefully make it.  But I also wanted to pursue a degree that I was interested in in school and something I thought would be useful should things not work out with golf.

            And it's just what I was interested in, and I'm really happy with the decision I made as far as the academic side and the athletic side.  I'm glad I did what I did.

            PETE KOWALSKI:  Anybody else?  All right, Michael, again, congratulations.  Wonderful week of golf.

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  Thank you.

            PETE KOWALSKI:  You with stood everything and you're to be congratulated.  Thank you so much.

            MICHAEL WEAVER:  And I'd like to say thank you to all the volunteers, members and the USGA committee for putting on such a great event this week.  It's the best week of my life, and thank you.