Interview With Women’s Mid-Am Champ Meghan Stasi October 10, 2012 By USGA

THE MODERATOR:  We'd like to welcome Meghan Stasi, the 2012 U.S. Women's Mid‑Amateur champion.  She's a four‑time champion of this event.  She's the 16th player in USGA history to win the same USGA championship four or more times, which is quite a feat.  Why don't you start talking about that, being in the same category with Bob Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus.  It's remarkable.

MEGHAN STASI:  Yeah, never in my life did I think I'd be here right now, so I'm very appreciative to everybody that takes part in this week and every championship that the USGA has.

THE MODERATOR:  Talk about being a four‑time champion of this event.  It's not easy to win six matches in a week, and you've done it four times in the last six years.

MEGHAN STASI:  It's a very long week for all involved, and you really just have to stay mentally and physically prepared and try to do the best that you can all week.  A few matches were very grueling, but just stayed on top of my game and hoped for the best.

Q.    Talk a little bit about today's match.  You got off to a slow start, especially with your putter, then you got birdies on 9 and 10 to kind of take control.

MEGHAN STASI:  It was definitely slow with the putter.  I hit the ball very well and just fortunate to place the ball where I wanted to.  I just missed a few ‑‑ I was actually over‑reading the putts, so that's why I missed a bunch.  I had many opportunities on the front nine to make a couple and didn't. She gave me a few, I gave her a few, so it was a long front nine but made some great comebacks on the back nine.

Q.  Talk about your length off the tee.  You were normally about 100 yards ahead.

MEGHAN STASI:  Yeah, even the longer hitters all week, you still have to place the ball where we wanted to.  I did hit the ball very well off the tee for the most part all week, got myself into a few spots.  But today, sure, that definitely helped off the tee.  But like I said, you still have to put yourself into play.

Q.  Is it tough playing a player that you're not familiar with in match play?

MEGHAN STASI:  No.  I mean, yes and no.  I take one match at a time, one stroke at a time, and I know she's got a great resumé and great background.  But she's in the finals for a reason.  I knew she was going to be strong.  But it was just a great week, and I felt strong from the start.

Q.  You had a Tuesday second-round match, five down with six to play against Lynne Cowan and won in 21 holes.  When you win a match like that, do you feel like, okay, maybe it's destiny that I'm going to win other championship?

MEGHAN STASI:  Well, I still had four matches to go.  Yes and no again.  I felt great after that match.  I had to get ready to play again.  I played great, and I knew I was ready to play this week.  I'll obviously think about that round later today.  I haven't really been able to truly think about that round and what I did because I just had to stay focused all week.  Just something came over me and just continued to play well.

Q.  You're only 34 and you've won four of these.  Do you allow yourself to think about setting an all‑time record as far as USGA victories?

MEGHAN STASI:  Sure, but there's still so many players out there. There's other great players that have a chance to do the same thing.  It was great to see a lot of younger players out there this week for the first time and a lot of younger players.  It's certainly an accomplishment for the Mid‑Am.  It will be exciting for years to come.

Q.  It's mindboggling; you have to win six matches to win one of these championships.

MEGHAN STASI:  I feel pretty good.  I don't know about my dad.  My poor husband had to jump in yesterday for nine holes.  But it's a long week.  It's hot, it's humid up here, and it can be a tough walk.  But it's such a team effort on all ends, and my support group, and I'm just very thankful that I have such a great group of family and friends.

Q.  Your dad was on the bag for all four of these.  He's done this four times for you now?

MEGHAN STASI:  Yeah, he has, seven years now.  It feels like just yesterday really.  I think we remember that [2006] tournament, too, because of the weather and the circumstances.  But that to me just seems like just yesterday that that happened seven years ago.  It's been truly an incredible seven years with my dad on my bag and just everything that we've accomplished in the last years.

Q.  Next year obviously you're going to try to make another Curtis Cup Team for 2014?

MEGHAN STASI:  That's a tough question (laughing).  Yeah, I have a lot to play.  I've got to do a lot.  I just have to continue playing good golf in USGA events and other [amateur] events.  If it happens, that's absolutely wonderful, but it was an incredible experience [in 2008], and I'm happy to be able to do it.  Sure, I'd love to do it again, to be involved on all ends.  So I look forward to it.