Learn More About Our New Multiyear Strategic Partnership January 12, 2016 | FAR HILLS, N.J.

The United States Golf Association and Deloitte have announced a multiyear strategic partnership intended to accelerate the USGA’s impact on the game of golf and foster greater collaboration and innovation around services that benefit golfers and facilities.

The USGA and Deloitte first teamed up in 2014 to assess existing programs and explore ways to build and deepen engagement within the golf community in order to better meet the evolving expectations of the modern golfer, state and regional golf associations (SRGAs), and clubs/facilities.

For more than a century, the USGA and SRGAs have collaborated on a number of fundamental services for golfers, including the administration of the USGA Handicap System™, competitions and education programs. As the game of golf has evolved, the USGA and the SRGAs are jointly adapting and advancing the ways in which they serve golfers and golf facilities.

Through extensive research and analysis, Deloitte assisted the USGA in creating a strategy to enable the USGA and SRGAs to modernize, streamline and ultimately increase the value of these services to the game. This vision, which the USGA intends to realize over the coming years, should build stronger relationships with all those who administer and play an integral role in influencing the health of the game.

“We are excited to welcome Deloitte as a strategic partner of the USGA,” said Mike Davis, USGA executive director. “For the last two years they have worked with us to reimagine how we can better serve certain parts of the game. Together, we hope to empower people to connect in new ways with golf by enhancing the ways we interact with all of those who love and play it.”

“We share the USGA’s vision to make the game more inclusive and responsive to how people think, act, engage, recreate and live today,” said Cathy Engelbert, chief executive officer of Deloitte LLP. “Golf instills incredible values, including collaboration, competitiveness and integrity. We are proud to support this tremendous game and to lend our business insight and innovation concepts to help the organization and the game of golf continue thriving in the future.”

In addition to its professional services work with the USGA, Deloitte will support USGA initiatives and championships, including programs that celebrate volunteerism, and promote inclusion and innovation in and beyond the golf community.

To learn more about the USGA and their work with Deloitte, read this case study.

Established in 2006, the USGA corporate partner program works with distinguished global organizations to create year-round initiatives that deliver on shared goals, build stronger relationships with key audiences and positively impact the game of golf. Deloitte joins American Express, IBM, Lexus and Rolex as official USGA partners.