CCS Helps Courses Keep Up the Pace June 28, 2016 By Josh Sens

Pace of play is like the weather: everybody talks about it. The difference is that some people also do something about it. As part of its on-site Course Consulting Service, the USGA offers maintenance-related recommendations designed to improve pace of play. Here are some of the items on their checklist aimed at keeping players flowing through a property:

  • Are tee markers and yardage plaques easily visible?

  • Do walkers and pull carts have easy access to the tee coming from the previous green?

  • Are tee amenities, such as ball washers, trash cans and drinking water, provided on each tee or in convenient locations throughout the course?

  • Are there forced carries over hazards to putting greens? If so, are there drop areas with visible yardage plaques?

  • On holes with blind landing areas, is a directional aid provided?

  • Are cart paths sensibly routed?

  • Are rakes readily available?

  • Are green speeds kept at a manageable pace?

  • Are unmaintained areas far enough out of play that only the most errant shots will find them?