What it Means: Out of Position and On the Clock July 9, 2016

USGA official Martha Lang with Sung Hyun Park and Lydia Ko, part of the grouping who were put on the clock in the final round of the U.S. Women's Open. (USGA/Steve Gibbons)

Under Rule 6-7, the player must play “without undue delay and in accordance with pace-of-play guidelines.” A group is out of position when it completes play on a hole later than the maximum allowable time under those guidelines. If a group gets out of position due to a ruling or some other legitimate delay, the group is expected to regain its position within a reasonable time.

A player is permitted a maximum of 40 seconds to play a stroke, with the first player in the grouping allowed an extra 10 seconds. A player is given a warning for their first “bad time.” A second bad time automatically incurs a one-stroke penalty. A third bad time incurs an additional two-stroke penalty, and the penalty for a fourth bad time is disqualification.

See Rule 6-7 and related Decisions for more.