P.J. Boatwright Interns Prepare to Make an Impact on the Game May 16, 2018 By David Shefter, USGA

A large group of 2018 P.J. Boatwright interns visited USGA headquarters in early May. (USGA/Jonathan Kolbe)

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While preparing to graduate from the Golf Academy of America in Orlando, Fla., Brent Vasa was approached by his career placement advisor about an opportunity to return to his native Colorado. At the time, Vasa, who was working at Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge, didn’t know anything about the USGA’s P.J. Boatwright Internship program. Desiring a career in the golf industry, he jumped at the opportunity.

He interviewed with the Colorado Golf Association and landed the position.

Five months into his new endeavor, he’s loving every minute of it.

“I’m doing things that I haven’t had the opportunity to do yet in the industry,” said Vasa, who was among 47 P.J. Boatwright interns who visited the USGA’s headquarters in Liberty Corner, N.J., during the first week of May. Vasa and his peers received valuable insight regarding all facets of the USGA’s operations.

This year, the USGA, through its Allied Golf Associations in every state, is providing 121 paid internships, helping to empower college students and qualified applicants with valuable experience toward a career in golf administration.

Members of the 2018 class of interns are serving as full-time staff at 59 Allied Golf Associations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These paid internships last between three and 12 months and provide direct exposure to managing all aspects of the game, including conducting competitions, junior golf programs, and supporting membership initiatives.

Following his Golf House visit, Vasa had three key takeaways:

1. People with a registered Handicap Index® play more golf.
2. Partnerships, particularly those involved with the USGA, help create a vision for the story you want told.
3. Having great relationships with local news outlets is very beneficial.

“I hope to grow the game and make the game better,” said Vasa. “I want to be an innovator in the game of golf and find new ways to make it more affordable and less time consuming.”

Vasa would love to join the hundreds of former Boatwright interns who have made a significant impact on the game. Currently, 128 alums are employees of Allied Golf Associations and several others are full-time USGA staff members.

“The 12-month P.J. Boatwright internship opportunity paved the way for my career and allowed me to build a comprehensive foundation in all areas of the business,” said Jesse Menachem, a former Boatwright intern who is now the executive director of Mass Golf. “I’ve now had the privilege to work with several former Boatwright interns and, to this day, I’m able to lean on the network of alumni from across the entire golf industry to learn, ask questions and to share best practices.”

Many short- and long-term 2018 funded internships remain available in several states, including Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada and Vermont. To learn more and to view a list of opportunities, visit the P.J. Boatwright Internship information page.

David Shefter is a senior staff writer for the USGA. Email him at

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