Playoff Groupings and Starting Times May 3, 2015

Below are the groupings and starting times for the 8-for-3 playoff to determine the final match play spots in the inaugural U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, Calif.:

All times PDT

Monday (May 4), Ocean Course, hole #16, continuing to holes 17 and 18, repeating as necessary.

7:00 AM: Justin Knauber/Devin Miertschin; Austin Eaton/Roger Hoit

7:12 AM: James Scorse/Tim Spitz; Brian Noonan/Riley Pumphrey

7:24 AM: Jacob Huizinga/William Wrigley; Tee McCabe/Jeff Williams

7:36 AM: Robert Leopold/Brad Valois; Michael Affeldt/Erik Ciotti