Round of 64: Stats and Facts September 28, 2015 | NASHVILLE, TENN. By Lisa D. Mickey and Christina Lance, USGA

No. 4 seed Laura Coble, of Augusta, Ga., was one of five Round-of-64 winners to need extra holes to defeat their opponents. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

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USGA Champions Eliminated: Six

Top-Five Seeds Eliminated: Two  No. 1 Mary Ann Hayward and No. 2 Martha Leach

Largest Margin of Victory: 7 and 6  Marie Therese Torti over Mimi Hoffman

Biggest Comeback Win: Jean Cheszek  2 down through 11 holes

Most Holes Won Consecutively: Five  Julie Massa, holes 6 through 10

Matches Reaching 18th Hole: 11

Extra-Hole Matches: Five

Average Age of Winners: 55.21

Oldest Remaining Player: Beatriz Arenas, 67

Youngest Remaining Player: Lynn Anderson, 50

Countries Remaining: Six  Canada (3), France (1), Guatemala (1), Japan (1), Spain (1), USA (23)

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