2015 USGA Women's State Team: Florida Post-Championship Interview September 12, 2015 | Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Q. You've been knocking on the door for a while now.  Another high finish.  Is this one more disappointing or is it more satisfying?

MEGHAN STASI: We've been like three ‑‑ like we can count them. You know, it didn't take much going into today because it seemed it could go fast.  We didn't really think about that.  I mean, I got off to a very, very slow start, didn't make any birdies today, had a lot of chances, but I (inaudible) didn't make any birdies.

TARA JOY‑CONNOLLY: I got off to an awful start.  I doubled the first, and then I kind of righted the ship and birdied 9, so I turned at 2‑over and was all right, and then I overestimated the wind and tripled 12.  You can't spot a team like Georgia five points.  It's not going to happen for you when that happens.

Q. How cognizant are you ‑‑ you've done this before, so how cognizant are you on the last day of what's going on?  When you came down 18 did you know where you stood?

TARA JOY‑CONNOLLY: Oh, I watched the scoreboard all day.  I knew exactly ‑‑ especially when I got off to a rough start.  You kind of go, oh, I hope my score is not counting right now until I get this thing in gear.  So I watch.

MEGHAN STASI: I do, but I still never know.  I just tried to make birdies.  I did.  I tried, I tried, but I couldn't.

Q. Seemed like the scores were higher all the way around today.

TARA JOY‑GRIFFIN: The wind was tough, and the course is drying out so much, if you were pitching to a green, you could not spin the ball enough to keep it near the hole, really.  But we had a great teammate in Kendall [Griffin], and Meghan is always a great teammate.

Q.  Do you feel like you need to do anything differently to come away with victory in 2017 or the way you're doing it is the right way, just one or two extra putts have to fall?

MEGHAN STASI: That, and maybe have a bigger lead, which especially could have happened yesterday.  I came in and I had a couple bogeys, too.  You know ‑‑

TARA JOY‑CONNOLLY: Every shot counts.  We kept preaching it, but it really does.

MEGHAN STASI: We just need to play well the last round.

Q.  Tara, you played with Margaret in one of the four‑ball qualifiers?


Q.  Did that help or hurt having her in your group today?  Did it hurt having her as a competitor and you're both after the title?

TARA JOY‑CONNOLLY:  No, it was fun because when we missed shots we kind of laughed about it.  She had the same kind of mentality out there, I think.  You know, it was kind of a pillow fight between the two of us, but it was nice to play with her.  It's always nice to play with her.  And our gal from Virginia played great, Alex.  She rolled the ball beautifully.

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