Quotable: Voices from the Round of 32 July 21, 2016 | Paramus, N.J.

Andrea Lee never trailed in her 4-and-3 victory over Brooke Seay in the Round of 32 on Thursday morning. (USGA/Jeff Haynes)

U.S. Girls' Junior Home

Competitors in the U.S. Girls' Junior who prevailed in the Round of 32 on Thursday have little time to bask in the glow of victory, as there will be more work to do in the afternoon in the Round of 16. Here are some thoughts from several winners of the morning matches (and one caddie) at The Ridgewood Country Club.

Hye-Jin Choi- Defeated Megan Furtney, 7 & 6: 

"Because I started out really great, the pressure was off on the next holes. Even though I made a few mistakes, because I had a big lead, I was able to overcome that easily. I’ll definitely rest, and get my health and energy back for the next round."


Lucy Li- Defeated Alyaa Abdulghany, 4 & 3:

"My initial reaction to winning the match was to start thinking about the next match, I guess. Just some things I need to improve. I hit the ball much better than I have in the past three days, I just need to get my putts rolling better."

"I hit some really good shots that were really close and I didn't make the putts, but I think she just kind of got thrown off. I stayed patient, I was [4] over through five holes, and I rebounded well."


Andrea Lee- Defeated Brooke Seay, 4 & 3:

"I played really well. I hit some very good shots into the green and made quite a lot of birdies. She was fighting back, she made a couple of long ones on me. I was just trying to stay patient--it isn't over until it's over and I just kind of closed it out on her, made a couple birdies coming in, so overall I'm really satisfied with the way I played."

Coming into the Round of 16, hopefully I'll forget about everything that happened in the morning. It's a whole new game in the afternoon--winds picking up a little bit--I'm just gonna start all over and play my own game."

Nicole Whiston, sister and caddie of Waverly Whiston, who defeated Ellie Szeryk, 3 & 1. Nicole was eliminated in the Round of 64:

"It was a little bit different at the beginning because I’m used to usually someone else telling me about putts and stuff, so we were trying to find a balance where I wasn’t trying to read it too much because she knows what she’s doing. Some of the putts, I already kind of knew the breaks and I knew some greens were fast going certain ways."

"It’s my first time caddieing for my sister. I enjoy it, it’s fun, it’s definitely better than just walking around and watching her."


Kendall Griffin- Defeated Beth Lillie, 1 up:

"I feel a little emotionally drained. It was a really good match, really tight pretty much the whole way. She's a great player and she made some clutch putts out there."

"My strength was definitely my putting. The first two holes I made clutch pars, one was from about 8 feet and one from about 5 feet, but was left-to-right and downhill." 

Eun Jeong Seong- Defeated Yu Chiang Hou, 2 & 1:

"I didn’t play well, but today my putting is better than yesterday and I had many birdie chances. The match was hard [this morning]. Hopefully the afternoon is easier. I need to eat and then practice my shots again."

Paphangkorn Tavatanakit- Defeated Haley Moore in 20 Holes:

"Haley and I have been friends for many years and it is really hard to overcome all the feelings, but to hit that great shot on hole number 20, it was a great comeback for me and it was a relief. Once I walked on the green and saw that putt, I knew that I was going to make it. I feel really comfortable and confident with that length putt."

"I’m just going to play my game and keep it going. Again, Hye-Jin [Choi] is my friend, so I just have to keep my emotions in check and keep going. I know there is going to be some really good golf out there."

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