Quotables: Voices From Round of 32 September 20, 2016 | Wellesley, Mass. By USGA

Medalist Judith Kyrinis was stretched to extra holes by 2016 USA Curtis Cup captain Robin Burke before prevailing on the 20th. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

U.S. Senior Women's Amateur Home

Competitors in the 55th U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur Championship who prevailed in their Round-of-32 matches on Tuesday morning at Wellesley Country Club had to make a quick turnaround. They had enough time to grab lunch and perhaps hit a few practice putts or shots on the range before refocusing for their afternoon Round-of-16 matches. But before they teed off, the USGA got a few comments from some of the victors.

Judith Kyrinis, Canada: Defeated Robin Burke, Houston, Texas, 20 holes: “I didn’t think I was still going to be here. I don’t think we both had our best games and a friend of mine told me before I left [to play the match] that you’ve got to battle through and win that match when you don’t have your best. … I made a couple of bad swings. I wasn’t on and able to battle back, which is great.”

On Burke struggling on 18 to allow you to force extra holes: “The door was open. So now was the time to take advantage of it in the extra holes and I made a nice par on the first extra [hole] and then another on [No. 20]. Par is good out here. I just have to remind myself of it … and stay patient.”

On getting some momentum going into the Round of 16 on Tuesday afternoon: “I’m hoping. I’ll go get a bite to eat and get ready.”



Andrea Kraus beat her close friend, Corey Weworski, to reach the Round of 16 at Wellesley Country Club. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

Andrea Krause. Baltimore, Md.: defeated Corey Weworski, Carlsbad, Calif., 3 and 2: "I played well and I played my very dearest friend, Corey. We usually don’t have to play each other. We played only once in all these years of competition, and we went extra holes, and she ended up winning that one. And then ended up actually winning the whole [U.S. Women’s] Mid-Am after that [in 2004]. We pair up and partner in things.  So it was a friendly match."

On playing the equivalent of 1-under-par golf over the 16 holes: "Yes. I did bogey one hole toward the end (No. 14). I just read [the par putt] wrong. … I just played shots. I don’t try to get too involved with the mental stuff. I did step up because obviously it is a better score than I’ve had. I put the ball in better places to make the putts and I think some of it is getting to know the course a little better."

Caryn Wilson needed only 12 holes to advance to the Round of 16. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

Caryn Wilson, Rancho Mirage, Calif.: Defeated Akami Nakata Khaiat, Japan, 8 and 6: “That’s the best I’ve hit it all week. I had been struggling since I tore my hamstring in July. I missed a month and it’s been tough to get back into it. But today my swing felt good.”

On her best shot of the match: “I hit the pin at 6 [with my third shot]. The ball could have gone anywhere, but it dropped down about one inch away [for a conceded birdie].”

On her approach to the next round: “Match play is such a different animal. You just have to play the holes as best you can and kind of look at what the other person is doing, so you don’t take any chances if you don’t have to. … Lynn and I have played together and have a history going way back." 

Kim Eaton has only played 12 holes in each of her first two matches. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

Kim Eaton, Mesa, Ariz.: Defeated Cindy Fentross, West Boylston, Mass., 7 and 6: “I putted pretty well and I hit the ball well. I made a couple of mistakes, but this is Cindy’s first USGA event so she made some mistakes and opened the door for me.

On her solid play the past three days: “I’ve been playing this way since I took a triple bogey on the 14th hole of the first day of stroke play. (She started on 10). I kind of calmed down after that and I’ve been playing pretty well since then.”

On her Round-of-16 match against Marilyn Hardy: “I’ve been putting well, and on these greens that’s what matters. I will have to keep playing good. I’ve played with Marilyn before and I know I will have to play solid to beat her.”

Karen Garcia edged fourth-seeded Lisa McGill to stay alive for a second consecutive title. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

Karen Garcia, Cool, Calif.: Defeated Lisa McGill, Philadelphia, Pa., 2 and 1: “I was a little wild and had to scramble. I hit it out of bounds on 4, hit a hybrid to the fairway, a 5-iron onto the green and made the 20-foot putt to [halve] the hole. I was like, ‘Wow. It just gave me confidence to keep going.’”

On her escape at 16: “I pulled my drive left of the trees, punched out and halved the hole: I just fought hard, didn’t get down or discouraged. Part of it is that it’s not life or death for me out here, so I’m pretty calm. I feel like I can make up strokes, and catch up even if I’m down. … I’m sure she was really frustrated. Here I was making all these mistakes and still tying or winning holes.”

On trying to defend her title: “It would be nice to win again, but at the same time it’s a new day. I really don’t feel that [pressure] just because I’ve won it means anything.”

Evelyn Orley, with 1988 U.S. Women's Open champion Liselotte Neumann on her bag, played the championship's longest match on Tuesday. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

Evelyn Orley, Cardiff, Calif.: Defeated Amy Ellertson, Charlottesville, Va., 22 holes: "It was an exciting match. I had an early lead but then she made three birdies in four holes. I thought she had made a birdie on the second hole [the 20th hole of the match, where Ellertson’s birdie putt hung on the lip.] I’m going to go take a shower and hopefully get some rest."


Lynne Cowan eliminated 2009 champion Sherry Herman to set up a Round-of-16 match against Caryn Wilson. (USGA/Matt Sullivan)

Lynne Cowan, Rocklin, Calif.: Defeated Sherry Herman, Middletown, N.J., 5 and 3: “I just had a really solid round. I didn’t do anything spectacular, didn’t make any major mistakes. I had one three-putt and missed a 6-footer for birdie at 5, but overall it was a solid round.”

On playing Wilson next: We were [California] teammates in last year’s USGA [Women’s] State Team Championship in Missouri. We have the same bags and play the same yellow balls. I might have to go and buy some white balls. … We really hit it off last year. The night before we headed home we were up talking until 3 in the morning. We’ve been like texting maniacs this week.”