Quotable: Semifinalists Sound Off September 14, 2016 | Erie, Pa.

2013 champion Julia Potter went to 21 holes in her quarterfinal match with Katie Miller before finally sealing the victory. (USGA/Jared Wickerham)

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Julia Potter- Defeated Katie Miller in 21 holes in the Quarterfinals; Faces Patricia Schremmer in the Semifinals

"Honestly, I probably played the best I have all week in this match. At the beginning, we were trading birdies, and later on I think she had two bogeys and I had two bogeys. It was a really solid match. There were some opportunities at times to put it away. I wanted to take care of the shots and make sure that she had to beat me with pars and birdies. You don’t want someone winning with a bogey. It happens, but I’m just trying to play consistent enough that pars and birdies are what it’s going to take to win a hole against me."

"In general, I played a lot better this morning and made some really great putts, and I’m just hoping to continue that on into the semifinal match."


Shannon Johnson- Defeated Margaret Shirley-Starosto, 6 and 5 in the Quarterfinals; Faces Olivia Herrick in the Semifinals

"I had such a good tempo on the range and just tried to keep that on the first tee. For me if I get going one way, it's too quick, and things kind of tend to go a little sideways. So for me just got into a super nice rhythm off the start, and just kind of kept it going."

"[Shirley-Starosto] is such a great player and such a good person, and we had a great time out there. When you come to these, you want to play the best in the field, and I was lucky enough to get her as a draw and play against her."


Olivia Herrick- Defeated Amanda Jacobs, 3 and 1 in the Quarterfinals; Faces Shannon Johnson in the Semifinals

"I felt great this morning and felt really in control of my game, like I was hitting the ball really well. And then [Jacobs] made a couple great birdies on the back to kind of get back at it, and then I had a misstep on 16 that allowed her to close the gap even more. It always feels good to be dormie, but I felt like the momentum was swinging a little, so I was glad to get it back to my side."

"Yesterday in the morning I just kept saying to myself, I really want an opportunity to play better in the afternoon, and so I feel that way again today, fighting for that chance to play again this afternoon."

"I've never met [Johnson] before. She's clearly a great player. I'm excited to get to know her, and every opportunity I have to get to know another good, young female player it's great."

Patricia Schremmer- Defeated Meghan Stasi, 1 up in the Quarterfinals; Faces Julia Potter in the Semifinals

"I went on the first tee, I said, let's just not make mistakes, and I made a couple of putts. I wasn't really comfortable starting out. The front's been a battle for me all week, so I said, if we can get through the front nine.. I like the back side. It's a great match-play side because it's easy to get in trouble. I was hoping I wouldn't be the one to make a mistake, so it went my way and got a little few good holes. I started hitting it a little better, got some confidence. My caddie kept me in the moment."

On chipping in on No. 18 to win the match:  "I just wanted to make sure I got the ball clean through with the putt and didn't try to over-hit it. Adam gave me a great line and said just think of the distance, hit it 18 feet and got lucky."


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