Quotable: Semifinal Winners at Pinehurst May 30, 2017 | Village of Pinehurst, N.C. By David Shefter and Vanessa Zink, USGA

Alternates Kyle Hudelson (right) and Clark Collier took out another heralded mid-amateur side in Wednesday's semifinals. (USGA/Chris Keane)

U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Home

Kyle Hudelson and Clark Collier def. Patrick Christovich and Garrett Rank, 19 holes

On their mindset rallying from 3 down after nine holes: “We just kept saying, if we get two balls on the green, it’s hard to lose with two balls on the green,” -- Collier.

On pulling out their second 19-hole match of the championship: “I can’t feel my hands. That was awesome. I can’t believe we’re here.” -- Collier

On making the clinching 5-foot birdie putt on No. 19: “I just made a putt here for birdie, and that’s all I can think of [right now]." -- Collier

On playing 17-year-old high school rising seniors Shuai Ming (Ben) Wong and Frankie Capan in the final: “I love not knowing anything about our opponents. I don’t care how good they were, how bad they were. Look at us. We have no history. You could Google us and the only thing that would pop up is this championship. You’d have to search deep into Google. And, I think that’s to our advantage.” -- Hudelson

Shuai Ming (Ben) Wong (right) and Frankie Capan, both 17-year-old rising high school seniors, have advanced to the final match. (USGA/Chris Keane)

Shuai Ming (Ben) Wong and Frankie Capan def. Marc Dull and Chip Brooke, 4 and 2

On Wong making an eagle-2 on No. 13 to go 2 up in match: "Ben smoked a 3-wood to 15 feet above the hole." -- Capan 

“Everyone hit good chip shots. They had basically secured birdie and I knew I had to make my putt. I basically trusted Frankie because he had a 5-footer for birdie. I was like, ‘He’s going to make it.’ I was going to make a run at it, and it ended up being in the hole. I got kind of lucky there and momentum kind of swung after that.” -- Wong

On the birdie at par-3 15th to go dormie-3: "We both hit good [tee] shots, but I was about 8 feet outside of him. I made a really good putt, but it was just a little bit high [of the hole]. He got a good read off of it and made a really nice stroke and was fortunate to curl in the right side [of the hole]." -- Capan

On reaching the championship match: "Pretty excited. We’re pretty pumped for it. We’ve been looking forward to this [championship] ever since we got knocked off the course at Winged Foot last year [in the Round of 16]. I think the matches we played beforehand [this week] have really prepped us for this final match." -- Wong

"We’re just going to go out there and play our game and do our best." -- Capan