I'm Attending as a First-Timer2019 U.S. Women's Open Fan Info

What do I wear to a golf championship?

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and bringing sun protection and a hat! Other than that, appropriate clothing for a golf championship is a lot like appropriate clothing for any other sporting event. Use good judgment and wear what makes you comfortable.

How long should I plan to be on site?

For as long or as short as you would like!  This experience is for you, so don’t feel pressured to stay all day.  On average, people typically spend 4 hours on site each day.  Each day the course opens around 6:30/7:00 AM and depending on the day play starts at the same time, or later in the day on Saturday and Sunday.  Depending on who and what you’d like to see at the Championship, the U.S. Women’s Open app can provide updates on who is playing when and events throughout the weekend.

What does my gallery ticket get me?

Gallery tickets grant you access to the grounds of the golf course during the competition.  On site there will be course maps and fan guides than can guide you everywhere from where to watch, both alongside the course, and in designated grandstands, to where you can purchase food and drinks, to how to find your car at the end of the day.

How do I know where to go and how will I find the player I want to watch?

Complimentary pairings guides are located throughout the course, and have a list of that day’s tee times and groupings. Pick one up to find out where and when your favorite player is teeing off! Then use the course maps, located throughout the venue, to find your way to the correct hole.

In addition, the U.S. Women’s Open app is a great resource both onsite and off! Find out which hole your favorite player is on, lookup a course map, and watch highlights to see what action you may have missed. 

Can I use my cell phone on site?

The USGA encourages fans to capture their favorite moments at our championships and stay connected with family and friends while on site.  We have set guidelines on mobile device usage to ensure our players and other fans are not distracted or disrupted during the championship.  Fans may carry mobile devices smaller than 7” in length and/or height; however, please make sure all device volume controls are set to “silent” or “vibrate” and flash photography is disabled prior to entering the championship gate. Phone calls must not be received or placed in any area that may disrupt play including grandstands. 

Can I ask players for autographs?

Yes! U.S. Women’s Open competitors love interacting with fans. But it’s important not to disrupt them during their round; they are competing for a national championship! We ask you to please not interrupt a player once she is en route to the first tee through the completion of her signing her scorecard. After that, respectfully ask for an autograph at any time!