Take the Member Clubhouse POTUS Bracket Challenge October 20, 2016 | FAR HILLS, N.J. By David Chmiel, USGA

Presidents George H.W. Bush, Gerald R. Ford and Bill Clinton are among the contenders in the POTUS Bracket Challenge. (Courtesy/AP)

No partisan debates. No policy decisions. Just eight U.S. presidents who, if they all were with us today, would be able to agree on one thing: how much they love golf. Watch the videos of these diehard “Golfers-in-Chief” and vote for whom you would give “honors” in the Oval Office.

Our first two matches are in the “Persimmon and Balata” bracket and our more modern matches are in the “Titanium and Graphite” grouping. Click here to learn more about each candidate’s game to help you decide who will survive and advance to the next round. 

Here is the voting schedule (all times EDT):

  • Elite Eight: Voting opens at 10 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 20
  • Final Four: Voting opens at 9 a.m., Sunday Oct. 23
  • Tuesday’s Twosome: Voting opens at 9 a.m., Tuesday, Oct. 25, and closes at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 26
  • And the winner is… revealed and promoted Thursday, Oct. 27 via USGA social channels and the USGA Member Clubhouse.

Cast your votes each day and check the bracket to see which POTUS keeps advancing toward the first tee for his golf “inauguration” day. Encourage all the golf fans you know to join the fun and see where you agree – and differ – on your favorite golf videos from the West Wing.

David Chmiel is manager of member content for the USGA. Email him at Interested in becoming a USGA member? Click here for more information.