Then and Now: Golf and Life, in 1975, 2015 November 16, 2015 | FAR HILLS, N.J. By David Chmiel

The thrill of having your name etched into the trophy after winning the U.S. Open doesn't change from one generation to another. (USGA/Darren Carroll)
1975   2015
$.59 Avg. price/gallon of gas $2.15
$44,282 Median new home price $263,593
$14,574 Avg. household income $53,657
4,266.65 Dow Jones Industrial Average high 18,351
Jaws, $260 million Top-grossing movie Jurassic World, $625 million
Happy Days Highest-rated TV show The Big Bang Theory
Chevrolet Monza 2+2 Motor Trend Car of the Year Volkswagen Golf
Love Will Keep Us Together, Captain & Tennille No. 1 pop hit,BillboardMagazine Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars
The Hustle, Van McCoy & the Soul City Symphony Destined for one-hit-wonder status Cheerleader, OMI
Payphone (Okay, it wasn't portable. But the kids today don't believe we didn't have smartphones.) Portable communication device Smartphone
Gas-station map Navigation aide Smartphone app
Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen Real-life revolution Sorek, an Israeli facility, is the world's largest seawater-desalination plant.
$107,000 Cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad $4.5 million
Pet Rock, Pong Fad  Selfie Stick
The fall of Saigon brings end to war in Vietnam. Historical event The oldest stone tools, dated at 3.3 million years old, are found in Lomekwi 3, Kenya.
Disc golf (aka "Frisbee" golf) Alt-golf landmark Foot golf
Lou Graham U.S. Open Champion Jordan Spieth
4,214 U.S. Open entries 9,882
Sandra Palmer U.S. Women's Open Champion In Gee Chun
175 U.S.Women's Open entries 1,873
Fred Ridley U.S. Amateur Champion Bryson DeChambeau
Beth Daniel U.S. Women's Amateur Champion Hannah O'Sullivan