• USGA Water Resource Center
    With communities continually working to provide sufficient quantities of safe drinking water, the USGA is providing leadership and education to ensure that water used for course irrigation is responsibly managed. Support the efforts to promote golf’s sustainable future – become a USGA Member today.
  • Turfgrass and Resource Management
    Since 1920, the USGA has provided $40 million dollars to fund projects at universities across the country. By investing in turfgrass and resource management research the USGA works to promote golf’s environmental benefits. Support the cause and become a USGA Member.
  • Course Care Consulting Services
    USGA Agronomists provide Course Consulting Services to help facilities manage more economically and environmentally sustainable courses. Support the USGA to keep golf "Green" - become a Member today.

With your support, the USGA also maintains:

Rules of Golf

A Level Playing Field

By maintaining the Rules of Golf, administering the USGA Handicap System™ and rigorous equipment testing for conformance, the USGA makes it possible for all golfers to compete on a level playing field. It is through these efforts that we ensure a player's skill determines the outcome of their round. Become a member today and support the governance of the game.

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Golf Balls

Amateur Championships & Rankings

As the leading global advocate for amateur golf, the USGA hosts 9 amateur championship events each year. Our elite competitions serve as an aspirational vehicle for those seeking to leave their mark on the game. With your support, we create the foundation for this stage. Help us inspire golf's future generations - become a Member today.

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