USGA Foundation February 2, 2018


The USGA Foundation is the member engagement and fundraising program within the United States Golf Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Established in 2017, the USGA Foundation secures resources to fulfill the USGA’s commitment to invest in programs and solutions that best serve golf for all who love and play it. The Foundation is focused on four impact areas that are essential to the health and future of the game: enhancing the on-course experience for all players, creating a healthier relationship between courses and the environment, celebrating traditions and preparing future leaders.

The Foundation will support the USGA’s efforts to celebrate golf’s history and traditions while positively impacting the advancement of our game.

The Foundation will support cutting-edge innovation and industry-leading research that will improve golfer satisfaction and help golf facilities reduce their reliance on critical resources such as water, nutrients, chemicals and energy by 25 percent by 2025. The planned increases in investment include the development of global forums to better connect the worldwide golf community and catalyze positive, collaborative change. 

It will also support the USGA’s commitment to making the game more accessible for juniors, beginners and those with disabilities.

Efforts that provide workplace training and meaningful pathways to employment for new leaders in the golf industry will be expanded. These include the P.J. Boatwright Jr. Internship Program and USGA Learning Science Through Golf. Creating a diverse generation of emerging professionals and volunteers will spur a talented cohort of future leaders in the game and ultimately build toward a healthier future for golf.

Preserving and sharing the game's historical record, artifacts and data requires investments in technology, resources and public programs. The most comprehensive collection of golf's stories is housed at the USGA Golf Museum, providing researchers and visitors with access to authoritative information and extensive collections. The facility intends to build programs and resources that will inspire a deep appreciation of the game’s rich history among future generations. 

Golf has an active community of individuals who support efforts to grow the game and we’ve heard they want to do even more. This is an opportunity to play a direct role in the future of golf and invest in important programs that will make a difference.

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