Environmental Programs

Most golfers take for granted their beautifully maintained golf course when they hit the links for fun and exercise. They probably have little understanding of how much work it takes to maintain a golf course on a daily basis, or of the science that has been developed over the decades to make it possible to enjoy such great playing conditions. The USGA's Green Section knows a lot about how we come to obtain these standards, having been involved in turfgrass and educational programs since 1920.

Since 1990, the USGA Green Section has dedicated a significant amount of time and resources focusing on environmental outreach. Through programs such as the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, Wildlife Links, and many other environmentally oriented projects, the USGA promotes ecologically sound land management, and the conservation and protection of natural resources on golf courses.

  Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program
  Wildlife and Habitat Management