Mid-Winter Musings February 27, 2015

Mid-Winter Musings

By Stanley Zontek, Director
February 5, 2008

Is it too early to start thinking about spring? Probably not. While much of the golf and turf management industry attended the Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Florida, there is perhaps no better way to begin the 2008 grass growing season.

The "lull" of the winter will soon be replaced by the hectic pace of the spring. Are you ready?

  • Have you determined your early order discounts? With a jittery stock market our experience has been that many courses become conservative with expenditures. Save money when and where you can.
  • USGA Turf Advisory Service (TAS). Save money on your TAS visits by paying early. Your Green Section visits can be scheduled any time during the year, and it makes good sense to take advantage of the $300 discount.
  • Complete projects before the spring. When the weather breaks, managing a golf course gets hectic, labor is short, and golfers do not want to look at bare ground and an unfinished project.
  • Even though the grass is dormant, golfers still like to see a neat, well maintained golf course. Pick up sticks, remove broken limbs from trees, and pick up trash. This too can help save time when the grass starts to grow.
  • Plan the maintenance schedule. Coordinate spring aerations and topdressings with the golf shop and the appropriate committees. Do you have your calendar marked for weed control applications? Poa annua seedhead suppression? Insect control sprays (don't forget the Hyperodes weevil)? Are your fungicides in stock and the spray program outlined?
  • USGA Regional Meetings are an excellent way to prepare for the coming season. The DuPont Country Club (Wilmington, DE) meeting on March 11 th , will include a Rules of Golf refresher session.

The regional meeting, scheduled for February 25 th , will be part of the Western Pennsylvania Turf Conference and Show in Monroeville, PA.

The agronomists of the Mid-Atlantic Region are part of your agronomic support team. If you have a question or concern, give us a call or send us an e-mail. You may contact the agronomists of the Mid-Atlantic Region, Stan Zontek ( ) or Darin Bevard ( ) at 610/ 558-9066 or Keith Happ ( ) at 412/ 341-5922.