On The Road With The USGA - December 2008 February 27, 2015

On The Road With The USGA - December 2008

By R.A. (Bob) Brame, Director
December 1, 2008

The Ohio Golf Course Owners Association ( ) held their annual convention in early November following our national election. A primary focus, not surprisingly, was the current state of our economy and the impact on golf in Ohio. Increasing play volume and income without unduly increasing overhead is not an easy pursuit, but it is doable. Some great information was presented and a key take-home message was - maximize your course's value. That is, focusing on providing a value that golfers appreciate and, as such, will support (keep playing/paying). This has and will continue to be an integral component of our Turf Advisory Service (TAS), which provides site specific recommendations and value satisfaction.

Expanding upon the above, keep in mind our fee structure for TAS subscription is held to minimal levels through a generous dose of underwriting by the USGA. If you think the economy has placed TAS fees out of reach I'd suggest the exact opposite - the tougher the economy, the greater the value of the service. The USGA agronomists continue to see more courses and maintenance regimes than any other entity in golf. Our recommendations are anchored on university research and field observations. So are you willing to forego or relinquish to the competition (those courses in your area that subscribe to our service) the agronomic, economic, and political value we offer? While our visits, reports, and recommendations are confidential there will commonly be advice that applies to more than one golf course in an area. Disease, insect, nematodes, and weed problems also will often be area specific. Does your golf course really want to offer an advantage to the competition? Plan now to subscribe in 2009.

Half day visit - $2,300, or $1,800. if paid before May 15 th

Full day visit - $3,100, or $2,600. if paid before May 15 th

A $500 discount is offered for prepayment by May 15 th ! Take advantage of this substantial savings as the actual TAS visit can be scheduled anytime during the season. The early season discount emphasizes the importance of planning ahead.

Recent reviews from across the lower North Central Region have confirmed a smooth transition in course conditioning for most operations as we head into early winter. Late season fertilization, leaf removal, and ongoing tree debris cleanup top the list of maintenance activities. Project or repair sodding also is occurring at a few operations.

The Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Conference and Show is next week (December 8 - 11) in Columbus, Ohio ( ). This year's conference will be kicked off with Golf Summit Ohio featuring presentations from key individuals in our industry. Our Morning with the USGA program will once again be part of the lineup on Wednesday morning. There also will be a USGA Regional Conference on Wednesday afternoon as part of the Golf Course Owners/General Managers track. There is something on the program for everyone in golf - see you in Columbus.

As always, call or email anytime.

Source: Bob Brame, bobbrame@usga.orgor 859.356.3272