Piper and Oakley Award

Dr. Charles V. Piper and Dr. Russell A. Oakley were among the earliest scientists to conduct studies in the fields of turfgrass science and golf course management, and served as the first Chairman and Co-Chairman of the USGA Green Section when it was formed in 1920. They were men of great character, keen vision and remarkable achievement, whose contributions to the improvement in early greenkeeping methods cannot be overstated. The Piper & Oakley Award, established in 1998, periodically recognizes others who have so generously contributed to the programs and activities of the USGA Green Section and the game of golf as a volunteer.

October, 2009: M. Ali Harivandi

A very active member of the Turfgrass and Environmental Research Committee since 1998, Ali has exhibited unselfish dedication and significant contributions to the USGA Green Section, the game of golf, and the turfgrass industry. Ali is an Environmental Horticulturist who specializes in turf, soil, and water issues with the University of California Cooperative Extension, providing an invaluable national and international perspective to help guide the USGA’s broad research objectives.

Past Piper and Oakley Award Winners
Date Awarded Honoree
February, 2003 James M. Latham
March, 2002 Robert A. Laubach
July, 2000 Eberhard R. Steiniger
November, 1999 Jamie Ortiz-Patińo
March, 1999 Dr. Victor R. Gibeault
March, 1999 Dr. James R. Watson
January, 1999 Dr. Paul Rieke
December, 1998 Dr. Arthur P. Weber