Winter - Nothing to Do on the Course? February 27, 2015

Winter - Nothing to Do on the Course?

By Bud White, Director
January 4, 2008

Many golfers see winter as a time where nothing is done on the course except pick- up leaves and trim some trees. They may believe that if you are really energetic, maybe you'll repaint the comfort stations, benches, and ball washers on the course! But nothing could be further from the truth!!!

The golfers, board, and green committee must understand the scope of work that needs to be done over the winter. Oftentimes the course would be light years ahead if they could keep the crew over the winter and get work done on the course - tree trimming, removal, drainage, bunker sand replacement, comfort station repair, clubhouse grounds work, and of course, heavy maintenance of the equipment. Superintendents should take a hard look at winter work and make every effort to educate course officials on the impact this makes on the course year round.

Comprehensive soil and water tests are another area of detail for examining fertility and soil amendment programs. These tests help the superintendent make adjustments for the upcoming year. The same is true for reevaluating topdressing quality through updated physical and chemical sampling. I suggest you read the North-Central regional update of 12/19/07. It discusses topdressing evaluation very thoroughly. ( )

Winter is always a time to "recharge" our batteries in the golf course maintenance industry. It also is a perfect time to get projects done that cannot be completed during the growing season. Help your golfers understand that when grass is growing, there is little time for special projects to be done in-house. Keep them posted on the projects being completed over the winter.

Winter is not a season, it's an occupation.
- Sinclair Lewis

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